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Red Deer River on Saturday


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...Dan and I are seriously looking at giving the RDR a go on Saturday. If nothing else, we will at least check out the conditions...will let you know for sure Friday early evening...if anyone is interested in tagging along, drop a line here at this post for more information of where, who, when, why, and of course how come...til tomorrow, gone for now...

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I am so there!




But I have a golf tournament to go to on Saturday....then off to Kamloops on Sunday.



But I am bringing along the ol' float tube....I'll just sneak it on the plane as business stuff...... :lol:


Hope the weather will be nice there.....gotta LOVE business travel sometimes.....


Have fun guys and let me know if the BOBBER ROCKS are still there or if they got washed away :blink:



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:rolleyes: SOUNDS JUST UP THERE MAN!!!!!! :D Can't wait to hit the new river , haven't fished it in the summer. MAN IT'S GUNNA BE GREAT!!!!!!!!! :clap::vdaylove::fish_jump: :lol: Be at Humpt'ys on Ellersly by 7:00 am. WHERE THE HEL!!!!!!!! is VINCE and Rick , Dennis , Rockey , Ron , Bobber, HANKY,GEORGE,DAVE,DAVE,DAVE,DAVE AND,DAVE ???????????? LETS GET A BUNCH OF US OUT THERE!!!!!! FISH THE FISH OUT OF THAT THERE RIVER!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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