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Hiking trip


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Hiked into Michelle Lakes on the week-end.This was one tough hike.Didn't not land any Golden trout.Had a couple on & that was it.Spent much of Saturday scrambbling around the area.The scenery up there is absolutely spectacular.I will go back,but will be by helicopter & spend 2 -3 days hiking & fishing-next years trip...Heres some photo's of the trip.


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Fantastic pics George :thumbup: , did you manage to find and take pictures of the monument?

I noticed that there were a couple of others fishing the lake. How many counting you and your buddy were there.

After hiking into some backwoods lakes, I too would sooner fly in or take the horse back trips.

Spectacular views, breathtaking scenery, just what the doctor ordered. :cheers:

Talk to ya later.

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Hike took us 11 hours in,7 hours out.Paul there was 6 fisherman who come out Sat-am by helicopter & left Sat evening.There was another 11 hikers that where camping @ Lakes on the wk-end.Not everyone fishing though.Thats it for now.I'm off to BC to fish the Adams river. :fishing:


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