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Northern Lights This Week

dave robinson

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Just thought I'd start a new topic to place a weekly notice

to let regular board visitors know what is planned

for this week's meeting of the Northern Lights Fly Tyers and Fishers.


This Wednesday (July 27th) it's free tie night at the Lions Senior's Center.


I'm going to actually bring my vise etc this week

and tie up a few of what Scratch used to do the mooneye in last night.

Wanna know what it was? Come out and see. :rolleyes:

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For Wednesday August 3rd the program says Muir Lake


(BTW note the following news releaseof July 29)

[The new interchange at Campsite Road and Highway 16 near Spruce Grove

eliminates the need for motorists to cross six lanes of highway-speed traffic

or three lanes when turning at the intersection. Senator Tommy Banks,

on behalf of Transport Minister Jean-C. Lapierre and Dr. Lyle Oberg,

Alberta's Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation,

officially opened the new interchange on July 29.]


So now access to Muir is even easier as you simply turn north

at the new interchange, go about 4 miles and turn left.


I'm still voting for Muir for the 3rd, although a few are talking Cardiff Pond.

There's no reason we can't do two locations.

Post your intentions here so those going to either spot

can have some idea of who & how many to look for.

I'll do an update to the table below as info comes in:

Count for July 29

Muir 2 (I'm assuming Rick is going to be "ballast")

Cardiff 0

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The new overpass at campsite road is a thing of beauty. Yup, just passed it on my way in from Jasper.


Duly noted August 3rd on the calendar too. I'm still on vacation for a week so may be out there earlier in the day. :D

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Just a reminder that this week NLFT&F will be out at Muir.

Nobody has posted for Cardiff,

so I presume most want to try the new overpass out.

See you there. There's pelicans to photograph.

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This week's Northern Lights event is a free tye at the Lions Center.

Bring your stuff and fill in those flies lost to fish & "tree fish"

I'm going to be replacing the flies I lost to Goldeye last night.

I think a couple of green SA Hoppers and a couple of red bead soft hackles.

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Sorry I couldn't make it tonight - since Young Alex (aka Yo - Ballast) is moving up to Peace River this week - we thought a night at Star would be a send off...


Fish everywhere - including a 6lb'er that Alex tied into fishing a Type 4 Sink on a 7ft 5 weight - from shore... without a reel.




Long story... involves ME, STAR LAKE, and a CURSE that I picked up... strangely - after I told someone about my spot out there.... grrrrr.


Anyhoo - long story short - Hepcat got the only 'landed' fish - but we all had lots of action - just a little thin on the 'follow through'.


Catch you on the river next week - or at the next meeting...




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There were only 7 intrepid souls who made it out to the free tye last night.

But we had a teriffic time nontheless.

Some famililar but long-absent faces showed up.

Brian B came out, fresh from having way too much fun at Meadow Lake in Sask.

Bill G showed up and showed off his new 8'6" 14 weight pig sticker

(As if Bill really needed another rod)

Celina came bubbling in, bragging about lots of fishing.

Big Dave was there for a while but left early as he had early work today.

Rick L & I set up our vices. I tied some green hoppers and Rick some GGs,

and Vince collected his red handled "bear teaser" from me.

Conversation was wide ranging, covering recent fishing expliots,

several encounters of the "bobber" kind, different fly rod designs,

performance and choice of different fly lines, reel comparisons,

jeep envy (complete with on-site inspection and seat measurements)

rod and reel sales (Does Celina get the line or not Vince?)

possible Sunday trip planning

and too much else to capture here.

We adjuourned at about 8:30 for the nearest Timmies

and killed the last dog there about 10.

If you missed it, too bad, it was great fun.

Maybe in two weeks eh!

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A first class post - I think you covered the whole darn night. I, for one, had an absoute blast. Way to many laughs. That red handled knife is like a security blanket for me..never know when one is going to come in handy. Go figure you finding it...man I forgot to buy you your coffee last night...next coffee and doughnut are on me.


Yes, Celina gets the line...hell the reason I don't use it is because I can't see it...so Celina you get the line. Seat measurements are important - can't figure out why hers have a longer seat base...sure would be better for me...maybe I could trade her - after all she does have shorter legs.


As far as "bobbing" goes ...if you ain't bobbing and ripping clothes and various pieces of equipment then you ain't fishing small streams right or maybe I just haven't learned the right way. Sunday trip is looking good as long as I can get all my work done by late Saturday.


Anyway, the meeting was a hoot - can't wait for the next one and by the way that was a cool looking hopper you tied...now if you had only left the room for a minute or two you may have gone home a hopper or two lighter.


How about an even trade - my Jeep for your Subaru...sounds even to me.


Got to see that VW of yours ...very cool.



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Would have been fun - but like I said - I had to ship Yo' Ballast (Alex) off to Peace River in style - with a 6lb rainbow at Star.


Of course - he screwed it all up and didn't catch it.



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For this Wednesday at NLFT&F the newsletter says TBA.

Anybody know where that is? ;)


I hear some are thinking the North Sask River,

But others may prefer Muir, even if it gets dark by 11pm


So what about a straw poll

Where do you want to go?


N Sask



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It looks like and even split between Muir and NSSR.

So as not to disappoint too many, I suggest both.

Pick yer poison.



Yes, ballast required.

My place at say 5:30 ish

I'll need help putting chiquita on the roof.

We can grab a bit on the way out


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:fishing: Hello friends: The time has come to plan some things for our year.

So far I've planned some beginner level flies on the 14th of September (Tie along flies led by Woolly, hey thats me, and Tom Gaunt has agreed to tie one (again a tie along) of his intermediate level flies on the 21st. I need a tie leader to present an advanced pattern on the 28th. Once I've got the plans set I'll give Dave R the recipes and materials required.


Please contact me by email at dfmurray@shaw.ca if you can help.


Dave M (Woolly) :eek:

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