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How to Kill a Grayling

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There is no question that grayling are disappearing most everywhere. A migratory species needs to migrate. Simple ain't it. How to stop migration, build a road. Naw, lots of roads, build them poorly and the grayling disappear. Like 700 of 900 road crossings in the Swan Hills area are fish barriers. Whats being done - zip - zero. The dimise contiunes.


And using smoke and mirrors - blame the fishermen or access or ..........


catch ya'




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Bang On Don, thank you.

Add to that the deforestation by lumber co's and oil patch leases and roads...it increases stream temps...and that's something grayling don't like.


And, Don the same thing has happened on Prairie with respect to the Brookie distribution....gottta go higher and higher up to find them now as opposed to 20 years ago....water is just getting too warm. Just take a look at what Sunpine is doing in upper Prairie...so, what do you think that will do? Doing the same in the Ram drainage as well. Back to Grayling...the next big area to be logged out will be in the LSR drainage....guess what folks?


It is quite possible that these "environmental" factors have much more of an impact on the fishery than the fisherman. Some of these "environmental" factors can be mitigated...some not.

But, like I said in another post, SRD manages fisherman not the fishery.

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One thing to remember.

Ralphie changed department names from "Environment" and "Fish & Wildlife"

to Sustainable Resource DEVELOPMENT!

It's clear that the emphasis is no longer on fish, wildlife or environment,

but on Resource Development.

The "Sustainable" part always has been an oxymoron.

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