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Swan lake


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Planning a trip out to Swan lake west of Caroline, July 21 to 24th . A record Brown was caught there , back in 1984, 15 lbs 14ozs and was the last time I fished the lake. :o I was justa lurnin!!!! :( , by the way I didn't catch it <_ . my good wife and i will be a campin fishin src="http://nlft.org/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_fishing.gif" alt=":fishing:">:fish_jump::drinked: so your welcome to come on down and join in the fishtivities . There are also Lakers in there but are hard to Catch , the lake is DEEP....... :ph34r::eek: Let me know if you need a campin spot to save :dr::kicks:

A :fishing: We will :clap::clap::clap::vdaylove:

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Good luck, my colleagues and I fished it in late June 2004 and were skunked. It was my first year fly-fishing and my colleagues were using hardware. While we were there, the campgroud superintendent said that 17 boats were there opening day and 2 fish were caught between them all. :blink::o


p.s. bring firewood

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I fished this lake 15years ago or so? I fished for 2 days and caught 3 pike and 1 laker. We seen many huge browns jumping clear out of the water but no takers. I way less experienced than I am now but it was frustrating to say the least.


The browns were huge though!

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