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Lake of the Falls no More


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Well looks like I won't make it to the Lake of the Falls after all. Brenda not doing so well and she may not be up to copter trip to nowhere(but beautiful) will try next yr. We will be headed to the Crowsnest instead but for the whole week next week. I will suffer with that. Hopefully some of the streams will be fishable. If not will try some of the lakes in the area. Might give either Rainy or Barenaby a try for Goldens "thats a big maybe there". If nothing else will be sitting down with my scotch $ five alive and tying a whole lot of flies (SA Hoppers, Amys Ants)


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

Posting trip info when we get back.

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"my scotch $ five alive"

I even brought a case of 5 alive with me to AK2005 - just for you. But you weren't there either. :D


OBTW, you just know how wrong that mix is don't you.. err wait.. might help rid the taste of Mikeys stuff. You could be on to something there. :beer:

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Ha guys don't knock it until you try it.


Taken Scotch with me going to tie me some Flies catch me some fish :drinked::barf::dr::drinked: and do it again. Crowsnest here I come. Well running a bit late work is just killing me. Leaving sometime today. Fish'n Castle tomorrow. Catch a big Cutt & Some Bigger Bulls (chuck'n big white bunny leechs). Bought a ton of cdc and go'n to tie up a bunch of soft hackle I saw in the English fly fishing & tying mag. Look deadly and real easy.


Talk at you guys around the 14th then going to bash the heck out of Muir for a couple of days.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:

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