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Hank Peters

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According to Dave, If its alive then its BAIT!!! Bwahahahahahahhaaa :lol:


Sorry, I had to say it Dave... but at least everyone now know you can't use it a muir to catch fish....



what kind of bug is it? sorry never seen one befor. I'd suggest googling it... RB's favorite word (GOOGLE) :ph34r: :lol: but how do you google a picture... :unsure:



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Thats possible, I saw some similar looking flies, not exact, all over the horse droppings up by Rock lake this weekend.... You could be right.


But, I hope your not referring to my rear.... :huh:

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nice looking damsel,


Anyone ever catch any on damsel dry?  I've tried but no luck.

Lees Lake... down in Southern Alberta.


Yup... they'll take the blue damsels right out of the air.. and so much the better if it's the one tied on your fly line. Yup, been there had that happen.

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According to the Audubon Society Field Guide, it is a Red-Blue Checkered Beetle.


Desc: 3/8" elongate, almost cylindrical, with many upright fine stiff bristles. Mostly dark blue-black, sometimes purplish or greenish: with 3 orange to reddish crossbands


Habitat: meadows, fields, and gardens: adult on flowers and foliage: larva in nests of wasps and bees


Range: east of the Rocky Mountains: also straying into Idaho and BC


Food: Adult preys on thrips and other small insects and eats pollen. Larva feeds on the larvae of wasps and bees


Life Cycle: eggs are laid on flower. Larvae attach themselves to bees and wasps, ride to nests, and prey on or parasitize their larvae. Beetle larvae or pupae overwinter. Adults emerge in midsummer

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