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Bigger Library


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Just to let club members know our Liberary just got bigger substancially. We purchase the remainder of Romans books.( roughly about 50 books??)


Also want to give Elena a big thanks for donating Romans Slides and videos along with slide projector. Also a bunch of vises along with Romans Rod turning machine.


Again a big thanks to Elena for the great donation.


There was a good turn out last night for the blance of the sale of Romans fly tying things. By the time I got there the pickings were slim. Managed to get a couple of good grizzley died brown hoffmans along with seem prime Elk. Also got Romans big fly tying bag.


See all tonight please come early only one thing on agenda tonight want to get it over quickly and eat pizza.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.


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Yeah, and now let's do something about renaming that "Bigger Liberary" eh? ;)


Sounds good.. will try to sneak by for the wrap up party tonight.. and drop off the binder with NLFTF 10 year archives to donate as well. Mikey D.. are you going to be there, I will return yours as well.


See yah there. Jeff and Greg.. you should come too. =)


PS - And I am STILL going to donate a dictionary to the club in the fall too.



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Also got Romans big fly tying bag.



You got the bag... darn... How much? I was seriously looking at that...she didn't know how much she wanted for it... oh well, nice score.


Do you have enough stuff to fill it? :(


If you dont you can lend it to me until you do :P

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spent $200 that got me the bag and 2 hoffman saddles grizzley died brown and a cree neck. I know when Roman came out with the bag a couple of yrs ago he was saying then it worth over $300.


As for filling it no problem. I've got enough hair down stairs right now to build a complete elk :eek: and almost a whole deer. Along with a whole llama :eek: . Enough hackle to build about 10 hoffman chickens. Enough Poly to build 10 macroma plant hangers ceiling to floor. Also have enough tungsten beads that I will need to put wheels on it. Then theres my foam enough there to float the TiTanic. If it had my foam on board when she hit the ice burg it would have never sunk. :devil::devil:


So thanks for the offer but at this time no thanks.


Tight Lines Always and have a great summer Guys


Save a worm use a Fly


Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:

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Geee Bob at least it was the right end of the horse.




Pipe down there Woolly BUGGER. Sqweak up there sometime after.. say about.. 2,296 posts eh. Where's your content at?


OH. Here it is (all 19 posts):




This one of yours is my favorite too.


:angry: Hey i'm not that slow.  I'm just careful.



Woolly :cheers:

Geeh.. I wonder why Ranger Bob decided not to post any more Klave photos. Hmmmmmmmm............. or fishing reports. Hmmmmmmmmmm............


Oh wait... FLYANGLER.CA opens up in 3 hours. Lotsa content be there!



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Yeah, lotsa posting... just when I was working downtown for the last bit... not much to do, so check out the site....


Tieing flies? Yup, tied probably close to 100 in the last week or so... not too many on the weekend though.... I was out fishing Rock lake for lakers.... even caught some.... all on the fly too. Stopped in at Miller on the way back.... caught some rainbows and even a brown.




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