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Scratch, maybe we were wrong

Hank Peters

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Having a look at the map you provided I can tell you for sure that is not "Vince Creek". Vince Creek is further south and east. Over the next few days I'm going to pull the map I used last year and see if I can figure out how I got there. I'll let you know once I've figured it out.



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Mike went fishing?


I thought he just stayed around the campsite, drank Scotch, and played with the dolls all day on Saturday?


On closer inspection of Hanks "puny" Brookie.. I noticed some blue halo around one of the spots. So, yeah.. it's a duck. :laugh:

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Care to support your thoughts with some sort of logic?




Well if the dorsal fin was upright you could most likely tell for sure. But seeing it isnt I'd have to go with the fact that it has very simular marking to the brookies I caught a couple weeks back. Problem is and what makes it hard is what color are the spots on the back? are they black? And the fact that I still have yet to catch my bull even after extensive trying at Rock lake last weekend. In fact I still havent seen a bull trout other than pictures.


anyhow, I still say brook


urg :(

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Careful RB - if we call everything a bull trout - they won't be endangered anymore.


BTW - didja see the BULL TROUT I landed at beaumont!

Are you sure that wasn't taken on 'Frenchmans Ck.' though... (and not Vince Ck.) :ph34r:
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Nice looking river... very fishable... Is the Embarass that wide in most areas?

It's much much wider in some. I believe the photo is of Lambert Creek - which is a trib to the embarras. But not that much different - the Embarras can be 30ft wide, or 100 - depending on the stretch. Close to the McLeod (last 3 km before the confluence) there are spots easily 100ft across.
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