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Fishing BC


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I'm planning to spend the last two weeks in August traveling around BC fishing. I only have a #6 weight rod so I won't be going after the big salmon in the big rivers. I would like some BREIF input on were I should go. I will be camping by myself and I am willing to go North or South. I'm interested in trout more than salmon. Please post some places you guys would recommend I try. Please keep your responses brief. Once I have decided where I'm going I will contact those persons for more details. Thanks in advance to all. :fishing::boat:

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Another good lake is one called "Dragon". A friend of mine goes there every year. His biggest there so far is a 9 lb, 29 incher. If I remember they are the girard strain. And if you've ever caught a girard rainbow you know your in for one heck of a fight.


I'm not sure what part of B.C. its in but see Ranger BoB about google maps... I think its googlemaps.com.... or something like that.... Maybe if he reads this he will give you a link to it ... he seems to know how.... me, I'm not sure... I'm just happy I can sorta type.... :huh:


Good luck with the fishing

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We've fished Dragon many times and have found that it is either feast or famine.


Dragon lake is in the city of Quesnel in the central interior. It's about a 1.5 hour drive to the lake from Prince George.


Spring and Fall are the best times to fish this lake.


We use micro leeches in maroon and black, chironomids in the spring, and big darner and gomphus dragons in the fall.


In the fall, we usually cast into the weeds and slowly retrieve line until the 3-5 pounders (on average) get interested.


ABH is absolutely correct, the Dragon lake rainbows put up a great tussle.


Let me know if you want any more info on Dragon or any other lakes in the central/northern interior or north coast river systems.



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The connector between kelwona and merrit has many lakes worth fishing, with big trout....they have girards in a few lakes, kamloops and the penske rainbow which are very small. Also little fort is worth fishing with many lakes that have kamloops and brookies.

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