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International Dave Day


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Like the song from the troupe, "Kid's In The Hall: These Are the Dave's I Know" by Bruce McCullough [http://www.brucio.com/home.php] celebrating "All the Dave's He knows " - http://www.pbase.com/dajavu/daves_i_know - today is officially "Dave's Day".


So say hi to all the Dave's you love and know around the world today.


These are the Dave's I know.. I know.. I know...


Dave ("Dissertation - ThreePhase") Robinson

Dave Murphy

Dave Phelps

Dave Gordon Brown







Yeah, there's too many to list. LOL!





Tuesday, June 14th, International Dave Day


If you know someone named Dave, and I know quite a few, be sure to buy them a piece of sandpaper with their name scratched onto it today.


Why, you ask? Well, because it's both Dave Day and the day that sandpaper was invented in 1834. Actually, that's bullshit. Sandpaper was only patented that year in the U.S. It was first used in 13th century China, according to some, as a substitute for toilet paper. More importantly, it inspired an entire *&%$#$ ballet, called the Sandpaper Ballet, where Leroy Anderson of Boston Pops fame turned it into a musical instrument. That was in 1954. Apparently soft-shoe dancers covered the stage in sand, and then three grades of sandpaper were rubbed together to make music. Thank GOD for avant garde.


The last time I used sandpaper was in shop class during the fourth grade, but it was a memorable experience. It was the same day that my classmate Billy cut the tips of his fingers off with an electrical saw and we had to search for them in the sawdust and slip them into little plastic baggies for re-attachment. We only recovered two of three, and they were a bloody mess. But I've


gotten off topic.


Why do they have a Dave Day? To acknowledge the great works of some of society's most famous Daves! No kidding. Some of the more memorable Daves I would like to send sandpaper to include David Hasselhoff. I'm thinking it might come in handy on his permed chest hair.

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Sand paper? That is what my hands feel like after Quading into, camping and fishing this past weekend.


As for Daves.... dont think I know more than 1 or 2...


....so, guess this will be just like any other Tuesday...



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Thanks for the tribute.

I think we're all named after the original Dave.

The one that brought the big guy down with a slingshot

and went on to be a King.

Not all of us are that good a shot. ;)

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