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Barbless Hooks

Do you agree with the Barbless hook Regs?  

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  1. 1. Do you agree with the Barbless hook Regs?

    • Yes, Totally!
    • Barbless should be only on treble hooks
    • It shouldnt matter when I "Catch and Release"
    • It should be like B.C., Barbless only on larger hooks
    • Totally disagree!
    • Who cares. I'm still gonna fish barbed

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I have always fished barbless. I can't stand watching people have to rip a hook out of a fish's mouth. I might loose a fish because of it once in a while, but I have never killed a fish removing a hook. :)


What is the size restriction in BC for hooks? I never knew that small barbed hooks were legal.

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My dad taught me when I was a kid to pinch down the barbs on my hooks, especially on the treble hooks.

As with Pacres, I hate seeing peeps rippin an pullin tryin to get the trebs out of the fishies mouth when they have not pinched them down.

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Just ask Scratch how he "FEELS" about barbless hooks these days. Ain't that right Scratch! ;)


Them 3/0 Stainless Steel Pike hooks in the wrist are a Umbridge aren't they.




I'm all for barbless... like to see more baitless now. :rolleyes:

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