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Anyone up for a Quick Trip to the Bow?


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I'm thinking - Highwood confluence?


Theres room for about 2000 people at the spot right now... Stacked one on top of another. And - I suppose the water is a little murky mind you - and watch out for small houses - NEVER WADE ALONE! I guess worst case - we can fish the North Saskatchewan - as I suspect it will be more productive.


On a more somber note - Does anyone recall the impact to the Bow fishery back in 95/96 after the last flood?

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I was thinking aptly named High River myself.


Posted Image


Jep, pretty nasty stuff... I'm glad I already did my float with Barry. ;)




Does not bode well for this years spawn at all.


You can watch the water rise here.




See also:



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Later in the year there is about 20 - 30' between the bottom of the train bridge and the water in the town of High river.

My grandparants live in the trailer park which is fortunatly the highest ground in the area.




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