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Stauffer Creek Beaver Dam Pulling

Don Andersen

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As part of the regular maintenance of the quality angling found at Stauffer Creek, some of the beaver dams are to be removed. This work bee can be attended by anyone interested in preserving the angling. Contact Don Andersen dmanders@telusplanet.net or Mike Dell mdell@telus.net.

Who – This is project is organized by the Central Alberta Chapter & Edmonton Chapters of Trout Unlimited. Anyone can attend and give a hand.

What – Beaver dams impede flows, increase silt uptake and drown both bugs and spawning areas and therefore are removed as necessary. Dams that are not creating spawning migration problems or drowning spawning areas are generally left intact.

Where – Stauffer Creek [ North Raven River ].

When – July 24/05

How- the beaver dams are removed utilizing hand labor and “beaver dam hooks”.

How do we get to site? – We’ll meet @ the Stauffer Community Hall located directly south of the Stauffer Store/Café @ 10:00 AM. From this central location, work groups will be directed to areas requiring attention.

How Long will it take/ or will I have time to fish later? – The project will be expected to take 3>4 hours depending on the number of volunteers.


Addition items:

Lunch, water and work gloves will be provided. Wet weather gear and waders are the responsibility of the attendees. Don has extra sets of waders.

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