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Alberta Klave 2 uh-oh 5 - June 24-26, 2005


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Well, Itchey & Firey (a.k.a. Dolberg CSI) is over. We had fun, but this one will be doubly so!


Dolberg CSI: http://forum.nlft.org/index.php?showtopic=968




Odds on Alberta Al not showing up yet again are about 10 to 1. ;)


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Klave Homepage: http://ranger-bob.net/Embarrass2005.html


The official Klave website is above, and if you don't own a PT boat Wally has some news about 'demo boats' possibly being made available to us by the Fishin' Hole. So no excuses! You can signup to the offical maling list to get more info.


Klave Mailinglist: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/albertaklaves/


We need an ACCURATE headcount this time in advance, as there is also talk of a Pig Roast being held. So.... sign up today if you are interested and confirm attendance.


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PS - You can order official t-shirts here. Don S. and Jim Fox ordered and say they're awesome! I should place my order today now too.


T-Shirt Order Link: http://www.cafepress.com/albertaklaves




PPS - We have two chords of wood for the Klave this year. So, we won't have to do a B&E again like at Dolberg. Cough! Cough! :ph34r:


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Sent: June 2, 2005 10:34 AM

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Subject: RE: [albertaklaves] 22 Days and counting





The shirt is great. It really compliments the "I'm an Idiot" shirt I got from Kat C. I think I already have a stain on it so it is fitting in nice with my wardrobe. Thank you to all who worked on the shirt. I have to tip my hat to the creative types. I couldn't make mud if you gave me the dirt and water.


I am really looking forward to my first visit to Alberta and getting to meet all of you.


My best,





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From: albertaklaves@yahoogroups.com [mailto:albertaklaves@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of jim_flyfisher

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Subject: [albertaklaves] Re: 22 Days and counting



My shirt came in today as well. Pretty cool! My wife caught a glimpse and said "Got blasted eh? I thought you were fishing..."


I haven't tied my swap flies yet. I'm hoping little fly-tying elves will break into my house if I just leave all the materials out.


Any thought given to the pot-luck? I saw something earlier about a pig roast. Is this on?




PS - Don, don't worry if you do not see traffic on the list. Ranger Bob is just out burning something down. If you see his Dolberg pics, notice the mass of wood in the fire. This is small by his standards (they must have had to pay for the wood).


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From: albertaklaves@yahoogroups.com [mailto:albertaklaves@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Taylor, Lance

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Cc: 'greg@scratchley.org'

Subject: [albertaklaves] FW: Clave confirmation



Fwd post to the group.


Yeah.. Al was a no show at the Dolberg Klave too.. so I'm not holding my breath either. =)


Wally: Is there plans still do do a pig roast? If so how much should we chip in towards this endeavor.. this would be really kewl!


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From: Wally Lutz [mailto:whlutz@telusplanet.net]

Sent: June 2, 2005 10:09 AM

To: 'Michael Dell'

Cc: Alan Grombacher; Barry & Ann Mitchell; Brent Johns; Carl Hunt; Don Shearer; Eli Robillard; Grant Medland; Greg Scratchley; Heather Lutz; Jim Fox; Lance Taylor; lance-taylor@shaw.ca; Norm Rodseth; Paul Singleton; Scott Rowan; Tony Blake


Subject: RE: Clave confirmation




I was wondering???? Good to hear you can make it. Joy would like to get a head count so that she has an idea about how much she needs to bring. Joy chatted up Darrell Johnston (Fishin' Hole) yesterday to see if he has some demo pontoon boats we can use for that weekend and he was fairly positive that something can be arranged if they weren't already spoken for. See ya there!


Al said he couldn't make it until Saturday he's going to Vegas. I'll believe it when I see the whites of his eyes!


How about the rest of youss???? Still in? How about the Northern Lights?





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> From: Michael Dell [mailto:mdell@telus.net]

> Sent: June 1, 2005 11:04 PM

> To: Wally Lutz

> Subject: Clave confirmation


> Wally,


> I will be coming to the clave on the Friday with Mike Griffith.


> Can you bring the books for me?


> Thanks,


> Michael


> MICHAEL DELL mdell@telus.net

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June 24 huh?


Myabe I can make it... no need for a pontoon boat is there? or is the embarass big enough to float? never been there.....


whats the fishing like? or does anyone really go for the fishing???




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June 24 huh?


Myabe I can make it... no need for a pontoon boat is there?  or is the embarass big enough to float?  never been there.....


whats the fishing like?  or does anyone really go for the fishing???




If you don't have a PT boat you can always walk and wade. Yes, fishing will be done.. see the webpage again for past float trip photos done by Wally.


As I've never fished this stream before I can't attest to the fishing myself.. but this photo with Wally landing two fish there on two Wally Wings speaks volumes to me about the fishing opportunities. It is afterall, in Wally World.


Be sure to bring your bottle of Scotch and Swap flies (mandatory entrance fees) along. More details on the site, and I suspect by end of next week we'll want a final headcount for the flies to be tied, and the discussed "pig roast" if enough people intend to show to make it worthwhile. Folks are driving up from the States and flying in from B.C. for this one. Should be a blast (hence the theme!)


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I think I got you posted on the website Aaron - but then you know the drill as you were at Red Deer with us last year. This one will be even better. ;)


SO, anyone else... final call is today for the numbers. I'll be ordering up my t-shirt today as well... and only... 14 more days to go. I've heard only 10 firm commitments by email so far... so not sure on the status of the pig roast now.




And... my swap flies are done! I tied 24, perhaps too many now.


I'm going to give fellow Klavemaster Wally a call tonight to shore up plans.








We'd like to get a firm commitment by June 10th at the very latest to determine how many Swap Flies, and if we are to proceed with the Pig Roast. Date confirmed is posted beside the attendee. No confirmation received by the 10th, you'll be bumped to a possible. We need more then 20! 06/02/2005


Date besides name indicates you have a "reservation" on the reservation.


* Joy & Wally Lutz (FlyWing and family) - 06/02/2005

* Lance Taylor (Ranger Bob) - 06/02/2005

* Tom Fry

* Jim Fox - 06/02/2005

* Michael Dell - 06/02/2005

* Tony Blake

* Brian B.

* Greg Scratchley (Scratch) - 06/02/2005

* Jeff Sieffert (Hep_Cat) - 06/02/2005

* Scott "No Nickname Yet" Rowan - 06/03/2005

* Dave "Dissertation" Robinson

* Hank Peters - 06/06/2005

* Don S. - 06/02/2005

* Aaron - 06/06/2005






* AlbertaBowHunter (Richard)

* Clyve S.

* Marc D.

* Eli R.

* Brian H.


FAT CHANCE 06/02/2005


* Alan ("Alberta Al") Grombacher (Yah.. right! Moved from above to new category. Going to Vegas now instead. Seeesh! Priorities man! Priorities! )

* Roy Ramdeen (Honorable Mention)

* Stinky Buffalo (Marcus M.)

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I'm calling Wally tonight for the goods. =)


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From: albertaklaves@yahoogroups.com [mailto:albertaklaves@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Scott Rowan

Sent: June 10, 2005 8:58 AM

To: Wally Lutz; albertaklaves@yahoogroups.com

Subject: [albertaklaves] Embarrass River Levels?



I hear that most of the flood watch is in Southern Alberta but Edmonton and west have been hit fairly hard during this run off season also...is the Embarrass going to be in any form of fishable condition by the Clave weekend?


Scott Rowan

Victoria, BC


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The Klave Webpage was updated tonight: http://ranger-bob.net/Embarrass2005.html


I spoke with fellow Klavemeister Wally for about an hour this evening. We came to the conclusion that the Pig Roast would cancelled due to lack of confirmed atendees this years, perhaps some other time.


Wally also submits 29 new photos he took today of the Ember-bum river that he shot from the cab of his CN train. (Yeah.. he drives a choo choo for a lving, must be nice!).


You can view them here:




Also learned that we do not get the keys to the group site until Friday at noon, and as there is no other site there -- leaving early on a Thursday may not be such a great idea. So, it will be an early start on Friday AM to get there (with a stop by Edson to hook-up with Wally and Scott at his place, and we can caravan in from there).


Or -- offlist, we head out Thursday night and stay at Hornbeck the evening.. drink at Wally's and then head out on Friday AM. I am thinking the Friday AM start sounds safer though seeing as Wally is coming into Edmonton to pick up Scott from the airport anyways.


So, early Friday.. head out/// Setup the boats, do some fishing from there (walk and wade).. and the fun begins!


I am ordering up my own PERSONAL Klave t-shirt tonight, and a few for Wally as he is Internet Paranoia Extreme about sending card over the Net. Spam, spyware, yadda yadda (he's an OLD FART!).


SO I made this offer to him.. which I will extend to you now. **IF** I am GUARANTEED your money at the Klave, and you are one of the folks whom confirmed to attend by now.. and you are in same boat about paranoia, private message me tonight and I will order for you as well. Cash **must** be in hand for the t-shirt when you arrive. Taken as is - no exceptions.


I don't want to blow hundreds of dollars on excess t-shirts. I will not order for anyone not on the confirmed list. So don't bother asking!


I suspect that the Klave T-Shirt site will go down shortly after the Klave.. giving attendees a chance to order after they drool over how good they are. Then.. that is it. So.. if you want one.. order today!


We make no profit on these t's as per Greg... only CafePress... cause we didn't put upcharge in them.


So.. scoop this original piece of artwork while you can!


More updates to come as warranted, although, there are a few new quotes hidden in the scrolling marqee on the website that Wally told me today about Mikey D. :lol:




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Oh yeah, we traditonally have raffle items at these things. I am donating one t-shirt myself, and likely another astro print. This is in addition to the Fly Swap which is also mandatory this year.


If you have something to donate of your talents or time for a prize please bring as well for Saturday night. It could be some fishing artwork related item, gear and equipment, or other. Keep the value to under $20.


As well, for the Pot Luck.. I can't remind you enough to bring something far out for the meal! This years meal will blow away all others! And last year.. there was fresh made cheesecake at the Klave (to give you an idea).


Finally, I also have a special prize coming in from a mutual "friend" of ours from a far. I hope it arrives in time. :ph34r:

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Sorry change of plans......the fiancee is getting the ol' wisdom teeth pulled on the friday afternoon.....and since she is such a big wuss ;)

I am staying home with her ;) to make some brownie points which are muchly needed.




She will be making a special treat for us to enjoy for the Saturday night Delight.


I may or may not be spending the night....depends on how much of a fuss she makes. :dr:


See you all there!




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Sorry change of plans......the fiancee is getting the ol' wisdom teeth pulled on the friday afternoon.....and since she is such a big wuss  ;)

"Yanking teeth... is like.. getting married."


Test #1. Good Luck, hope we see you out there. :D

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How many wisdom teeth and who's doing the pulling?

I'm curious because my brother is an oral surgeon,

and I've met quite a few of his colleagues.

Be prepared for a lot of wimping though.

She'll look like a chipmunk and will be on pain killers for a day or two.


BTW guys, those photos from Wally

are giving me second thoughts about the canoe.

I'm not worried about rapids (there aren't any of note)

or sweepers (there ar a few, but they are avoidable.)

But it looks like the water is pretty skinny in places

and there's some beaver dams that would require a bit of effort to get over

and there's at least one double sweeper we'd have to haul around

I'm not interested in dragging a canoe any real distance on gravel.

A couple of places the water looks narrrow and thin too

which might give you pontoon boys a bit of a workout.

With it likely to rain all this week, water levels may change a bit,

So it might be nice to get a water level check from Wally

say about Monday next week?

Edited by dave robinson
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I'm definatly thinking of going.... I will know soon.... But what are the water levels like right now... with all the rain and spring run off wont the river be quite muddy and extremely difficult to fish?



Another Question I dont drink... May I be excused from the scotch part of the show??? Sorry to be a party pooper....

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Another Question I dont drink...  May I be excused from the scotch part of the show???  Sorry to be a party pooper....

The water will be fine, better if higher too as per Wally. More yeehaw for your float. Them sweepers may be more of a challenge though.


And... by the time Mikeys done with you... you'll never want to taste Scotch eeeeeeeeeeever again.


Make sure you bring your swap flies though.

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You wouldn't be the only non-drinker there I'm sure - as long as your comfortable with a bunch of drunks.


Which reminds me - RB - this is only a 3 day Klave - you can't blow a whole day rebooting this time. :)

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Which reminds me - RB - this is only a 3 day Klave - you can't blow a whole day rebooting this time. :)

No, but if there are no fish like the Ram River Klave I can build a fire that burns for three days. ;)


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Can always count on RB to build the "White Man's Fire" :D

As in:

"White man build big fire...stand way back.

Native man build small fire...get close"

In RBs case, "way back" will likely mean Jasper. :lol:


As for Scotch:

No, actually drinking the stuff isn't required,

However, any donations to the cause would be graciously received. ;)

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How many people are bringing Pontoon boats??? And what kind of flies is one to bring or does it matter? and how many? I think it said one for everyone.... but how many is that?

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PT boats:

No idea who's bringing PT boats.

Probably about 1/2 at a rough guess.

I'm bringing Chiquita (17ft canoe)

Will make the decision on floating when I see the water.


Flies for the swap:

Tie one for each attendee and you get one back from each.

I counted 12 confirmed today with 5 or 6 possibles.

So to be safe, I'd tie 20 if I were you.

Klavemasters would appreciate any extras (right Lance and Wally?)



Your choice.

Be nice if it was fishable on the weekend, but not required.

Put each in a small zipock baggie (available from $ stores)

and include a "toe tag" with pattern name and tier info.


Whisky: (to re-confirm)

No you don't have to drink alcohol.

It's an equal opportunity debauchery.

If you bring no whisky or alternative though, expect razzing.

Alternative could be as stated on the other forum topic.

Oatmeal biscuits, shortbread cookies, butterscotch toffee

and maybe a nice bit of cheese to go as accompaniments.

(Plus whatever non-A beverage you do drink)

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How about i just bring a flat of cold sleemans?


Would that avoid the razzing, tar and feathering?


Oh, as it is looking right now... I think I can make it...85%

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To quote Stuart McIntosh, an old friend of mine who passed away earlier this year

"If its nay Scottish its crap." :lol:

Bring an Ontario beer and you may have to wear a kilt to make up for the insult. :eek:

Brands of Scottish beer found on the net

Caldonian Pale Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale and

Skullsplitter (I like sounds of that).

Probably hard to find

Shortbread cookies would be easier and less draughty. ;)

Edited by dave robinson
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I've heard about these fires... and seen the pics.... I want to keep my eyebrows...


Does anyone bring a fire extinglisher???


If you dont like a bottle of scotch, does it become fire starter????



: :unsure:

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