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Gravity Orange

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Went out to Beaumont again last night and caught my biggest rainbow to date...a 17 1/2" er on a dry....not that thats any reason to brag, but hey..it aint the bow river. I didn't think the fish got that big in there, but its nice to see that the stocking program is working well and they're not winterkilling. I was just wondering what the biggest bow somebody else has pulled out of there. Cheers

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Beaumont is reported to produce hogs in the 18-20" range - and bigger. The deep end of the lake is in excess of 25' which is why the pond can overwinter so well.


My biggest in there is about an 18-19"

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Hi G.O.



Watched you hookup and land the Rainbow last night. Great fish for Beaumont.


Cyril called me after the "official" measurement - 18" and by the length / girth formula over 2 3/4 pounds.


My PB for Beaumont is 22 1/2" and close to 5 pounds - shaped like a football. A very fat football.


I have heard stories of nine pounds, but just stories - no eye witnesses.



Again, great Rainbow. See you at Beaumont again tonight. ;)




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