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Have a good B-Day Scratch


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Ha! So this is the real reason for going on the weekend klave. Make sure he can't stand up tonight RB. ;)


Happy Birthday Scratchy. :beer:

Posted Image


I need to find some more of them "Alligator" brews for him. ;)


(Who's going to prop me up?)



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Hey Scratch, do we have to give you the "bumps" :lol:

Hope not! I may have to end up suing for back injury. ;)


Make sure you have a good checklist before departing today. :thumbup:

After all, for old farts, memory is the second thing to go. :)

I can't remember what the first is :rolleyes:

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Thanks Guys - not to worry - many fish will be added to the creel this weekend.



We're heading up tonight at 4:30 - hopefully we'll secure the site by 7pm, and be on the water by 8:30. Evening bows at Dolberg. Can't wait!



Cheers all!

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A belated happy birthday to Scratch, who is well on the road now, and won't see this until he finds a wireless connection.


For GO: Dolberg Lake is west of Barrhead, the directions are in Barry Mitchell's Alberta Fishing Guide. All I remember is that you go west on a paved road, then you go north on a paved road, and then you go west on a paved road until it turns into a dirt road. The lake is a short ways ahead.


There's a thread below in Fishing Trips with details of the goings on this weekend.


I hope this helps.

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Add another belated birthday wish from me. Hope you guys have a blast :clap: and happy birthday Scratch! :happybd:




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