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Bow River


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Here is my Photo Trip Report of our fishing adventures with Santa. After talking about doing a trip with Barry over several years now, and Roman's recent passing reminding me that life is just to damn short.. both Brian and I enoyed this trip tremendously. From the ride down to the river in the "rust bucket" that just turned over 1,000,000 KMS on Monday, to the finally take-out.. we had fun, fun, fun!


What ELSE can I say.. I can't recommend this enough. You owe it to yourself!


Posted Image




Oh yeah, Brian and I will be co-ordinating a float trip down the North Saskatchewan sometime for anyone interested in doing this. I know I've been wanting to do that for awhile now too.


Posted Image


PS - Flyfish you missed out!


PPS - Apparently, we caught more fish then anyone else did on any of Barry's floats so far this year. I've noticed that Dennis and Dave have been awfully quiet about their trips this year. ;)


Brian is no "Ham 'N Egger" fly-fisher! I learned lots of new "Old School" tricks... and uh phrases.



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I can't agree with you guys more - We totally enjoyed the trip as well. Had a beautiful day going down the river - and would do it again in a flash. Learned way too much for one day - Barry was very very informative and we had a great time. Floating and talking and yah - watching Frank's casting technique, which I must say at the end of the day - had improved thanks to Barry. (but then again - he had no choice!!) Yes - fishing with Santa is an experience that should be had by all.

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Both John Bertrand and I had a good time with Barry as well.

Our trip was the day after the 2" snowfall in Calgary

which caused the Highwood to go up and dirty the river pretty good.

Fishing was slow (I managed to hook and lose one)

but there were tons of birds etc on the river, so we never got bored.

But then , that's not possible with Barry anyway.


I understand that Brry's thinking of running his reduced rate special again in August.

I heartily recommend anyone who's consided a trip with him to save up and go.

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Keith and I too had a great day. As Pauline said had so much info throwen at us that it was impossible to grasp it all. I got to do the old kicking for bugs thing and sure got a lot of bugs. We had trouble with the casting thing. I've chucked to much weight (sorry Vince) just couldn't get those loops narrowed down. I manage to catch one 13in. Brown and had a couple of hits. I would do it again. I might give the aug trip a shot. Hopper Dropper time.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.


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