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Well, just got back from Sundre.


What a waste of time..the Red Deer was high , FAST, and cloudy. Went to fallen Timber...the water was somewhat clear...Went to James River near Sundre...Cloudy...Even went to the James river on the Trunk Road...Water was Clear as a bell and fast running everywhere.




I did notice that the Temp was quite cold and saw that there was still Ice in some spots. Didn't see any action was so ever..not even a swirl.


Oh well...maybe better luck on July. Attached are a few fotos of the RedDeer near the camp..


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I would have to suspect that most rivers are going to be fairly high right now with all the snow melting in the mountains..... heck at Maligne in Jasper Only home bay was open 2 weeks ago..... heh Hopefully it will open up for the 18th.....cause thats where I'll be.... :fish_jump:

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Dont bother heading to the Rocky/Nordegg area for a while if your interested in fishing rivers.... I was up there this weekend fishing a hidden bookie lake... The rivers are way high and very muddy. It's been rainning up there hard. And lots of storms moving through still. Though... between 5 of us we caught over 60 fish between the 14" to 19" range. And what a fight!!! THey would let you bring them in close easy... but once they saw you.... WOW!!! Monster runs! I'm going back in a few weeks....



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