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Pike Season Opens May 20th


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Friday May 20th is the opener for Most alberta Walleye and Pike lakes.


I'll be heading to Jackfish Lake on the 21st (Saturday) for some crack-o-dawn Pike fishing.


Any takers?

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Rick & Paul


Pay no mind to the email I sent each of you this morning. See you both at Tims at about 6:30 ( give or take ) on Saturday. Going to be a good day.


Here Mr. Pike ....show me those pearly whites



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Thanks to some recent events - tomorrow morning I won't be able to get on the water.


We will be there monday though - so those of you going - please drop a trip report so that I can sulk.




Actually - it's not that bad - we're looking at a puppy tomorrow, so... I might get in more fishin. :)

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Happy Puppy Day..scratch...seems like everyone and everthing is having offsprings. It may be nice to celebrate the new one .at Muir Saturday evening

Roy, I think he means his new water puppy is inflatable. In the other kenel, I think we need to send more instructional HOWTO videos. :lol:



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