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? about Trout


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Hi again.


Now...I am here to see if the rumours are true.


First off, I believe in C&R. But once in a blue moon, I like to keep 1 or 2 fish to cook on the BBQ. Usually white fish.


I have heard that Brookies are very good and that there are LOTS in the waters in AB. The things that I have been hearing about brookies is that there are "A Dime a Dozen" in AB. Almost like a Pest, you could say. I have only fish below Dickson ONCE and only for caught White.




This Victoria Day long weekend, we are heading to Sundre. Fishin both Red Deer Rivers and then heading to the BOW by Exshaw on Sunday... I don't know all the rules to trout other than No Black etc...., and I usually don't worry about that since I C&R. I just don't want to chance anything if I do decide to keep a fish other than a White.


thanks in advance.


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Never heard of brookies south of Stauffer that I can think of.. but I'm not the best to ask.


If you are talking about the regs regarding catch limits - just check the regs.


If it's identification you are concerned with - you should really review the identification guide at SRD.




This site will certainly assist you in all your identification needs for alberta - take the test until you get 100%




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Dario I've fished a bit of the upper Red Deer and I don't think there any brookies I've caught the odd cutt up that high bulls & whites. I've been told there is also the odd brown up that way. In the sundrie area you have Dog pound creek I've caught brookies in the very upper sections. You also have Yellowhead Lake which is stocked with Brookies. I've also been told that some of the tribs of the Prairie have Brookies. The best bit number one is take Scratches suggestion and get the regs. have copy in the vehicle in your pack and one at home. Then pick up the Alberta fishing guide(that is a big help) Then get the book on fishing the Forestry Trunk road by Barry Mitchell. These will give you most of the info you will need.


Have a great long week fishing. I will be working on the house & yard that weekend might get a day to do Muir.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:


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I have also heard that Brookies are supposed to taste better than Rainbows. I have yet to try, but.... This weekend my brother, some friends, and I are heading into a little back country lake by quad. It's supposed to be filled with good Brooks. Soooo ... I think I will keep one as a little taste tester.


Hope the fish are biting.... I'll send some pics if I get some

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Brookies taste GRRRRRREAT!


we kept one this weekend and cooked him up over the fire. He tasted much better than rain bow.... THey have an orange colored flesh... or this one did anyway.



Richard S. Doucette

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