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Uh OH!


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Folks this was posted on my board today...


"whats worse for a trout lake, perch or koi?


Posted by seahawkfisher on 5/9/2005, 9:45 am


because i saw an NFL football sized koi hanging out in the weeds in the south end of our prized Muir Lake

second question; was it transported there by waterfoul? how would a guy try to catch an ugly beast like that; i understand that they are diseased and can have an adverse affect on the trout.

sure would be nice if one of those big cormorants would eat it, i tell ya, you cant miss that bright a$$ orange thing if you get anywhere close to it

lets hope this isnt the beginning of a disaster.

oh ya, we caught 5 bows from 14" and up, trolling small spoons and quick fish



I've e-mailed Stephen Spencer and asked Seahawkfisher to do the same. Not sure what can be done about this.




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Hopefully it is a lone Koi! I know people are letting the goldfish go in the Beaumont pond as well. I know it is not on the same scale but, I was thinking about trying to bait and net them with golfish pellets chummed on the bottom. A Koi that big may be accustomed enough to people that you could get close enough to dispatch it....errrr catch it and give it a good.....home? Might be worth a group effort in conjunction with the CO's?

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Grass carp is one thing - but Goldfish and Koi are another.


I suppose we can only hope that there is only the one koi in there - but I sorta doubt that it would stay that way long term.


Very simple really - anyone see's it - it gets removed. The potential for breeding in Koi here in Canada is something I don't know much about - however, I do know that they will overwinter better than the trout - so they aren't going to get frozen outa the lake...


Interesting to see what Stephen Spencer will have to say....

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Wee's gots a problem in this here lake...


What are Koi?

The common carp is the forerunner of our present day Koi. Koi are not big goldfish. The goldfish is a distant cousin to Koi.


Where did they come from?

The Japanese name for Koi is Nishikigoi. Nishikigoi were developed by the Japanese over 200 years ago.


Where do you keep these fish?

These gorgeous creatures usually live in lushly landscaped fish ponds outdoors. The ponds are constructed to provide adequate oxygenation and filtration of the water. These ponds make an excellent landscaping addition to a garden.


How big do they get?

The average Koi can grow to 24 - 36 inches! The size of the pond, the amount of aeration, and feeding methods will affect the growth of the fish. It is not uncommon for a small Koi to grow 2 - 4 inches a year in a backyard pond.

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There's a whole forum below dedicated to erradicating the problem.




When we were in Fish Tales on Friday David Blair showed us pics of a Carp caught on the Bow River, or some other red looking fishy.


I'll have to have him forward me the email again.


Perhaps we (FESA) can establish a new Carp fishery nearby and have the locals stock it for us? Call it "Carp Acres" retirement home?

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Goldfish caught on the Bow.


Fish Tales Fly Shop wrote:


> Lance,


> The fish was 6-8" long.


> Guess what the river is in excellent shape now. It has dropped big time and the caddis have started. It all changed in a 24 hour period. Just to make you feel better!!!!


> David


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