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...rumor has it that the campground at Dolberg is closed :o due to a grizzly bear in the area. I believe the gentleman said that the local fish and wildlife department have set up traps and put out bait. Heard this information while out at Muir today...just a heads up...might be wise for one to follow up on this topic...as we all frequent this area often.

...klave or not to klave...that is the question...

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Bring Alberta AL!


Come ON! According to the provincial government - there are less than 500 grizzlies in the province now - so I say bah. We go...


Alex is pretty slow. What's that - you think you can outrun me? Watch yerself - I might just Nancy Kerrigan ya in your sleep!



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If the Dolberg CG is closed, we can always camp out at Thunder Lake.

I'ts only about a 10 Mile haul to Dolberg.

May cut down on the midnight fireworks a bit, but we can camp at least.

If one of those going up Thursday scouts it out

and calls one of the Friday departures,

he can post here and let everyone else know,

so they can grab a campsite at Thunder before heading to Dolberg.


I'm planning onn Scotch hobbling RB as the sacrificial fisherman just in case. :lol:

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Like we're gonna let that happen again... of course - If he's sleeping - he can't fight us off while we CSI the rainmaker!

Actually, the rainmaker is about the same size as one of those bear traps ain't it?


Could make for a fine CSI in the morning by F&W.


"Now, explain to us again how the bears head got into the sleeping bag with the Old Man?"

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