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TGIF Wobblies eh RB? :o

Only cure is a day fishing! ;)

I'm off to float the Bow with Barry on Wednesday :clap:

I'll try to hold it together 'till then. :beer:

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Say hi to Big Beardery White for us...Bill Robinson floated two weeks ago from police to flats, no fish at the highwood. Tree farm had good fishing. Fish seizes were smaller than usual, runoff about to start soon, lots of snow at bow lake .. Have a great float, let him do all the rowing....

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Keith and myself are head down with Barry for Monday :clap::eek: Already got the shakes. :eek: The weathers not looking to bad. Got my can of worms ready to give them big Bows h--L.

tying up some of Barry's Burlap Golden Stones with a twist. You guess it rubber legs also may use the stuff from the easter basket material like the evil weevil. See how that works.


Dave I forgot your number at work either email it to my home or give me a call.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:


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