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NLFTF Club Makes NASA Spaceweather


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Expect a few hits on the website this month guys, I just got your mugs (Scratch, Pacres, and HepCat) posted on NASA Spaceweather today. A site that gets over a million hits a day!




Yeah, my own website is receiving hundreds of hits per hour right now too!




Oh yeah.. exposure for the not so secret site anymore too. ;)


AND, I just requested that Dr. Tony Phillips change the date from Oct 25th to May 1st... don't wanna be accused of poaching now eh.


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Soon to be on SPACE.COM as well. 35-40 million hits [A MONTH!]. Get ready for it. ;)






Thank-you for considering my work. It would be a pleasure to have my work featured on

SPACE.COM again. You have my permission to use the requested images.


Could you please forward me the URL to the final placement so I can add to my

portfollio. Thanks Again!


Share & Enjoy The Night Sky!


Ranger Bob,








> THines@HQ.SPACE.com wrote:

> Hello.


> I am writing because I saw your picture on Spaceweather.com, in the Aurora

> Gallery. It is featured on the following page: <http://www.spaceweather.com/aurora/gallery_01may05.htm>


> I am seeking permission to use the photograph and share it with SPACE.com

> readers in an upcoming image gallery, which will be featured on Space.com in

> the near future. Space.com is the world's premier web site, offering rich

> and compelling educational and entertaining content about space, as well as

> its relation to science and technological innovation. We receive 35 - 40

> million page views per month. For more information on our website, please

> visit www.space.com <http://www.space.com>. This would be a great

> opportunity to expose your work to a broad audience. Of course, you will

> receive full credit for the image. Please let me know at your earliest

> convenience if it would be okay to use your image. In addition, if you have

> any questions, please feel free to contact me.


> Thanks,


> Tasha Hines

> Production Assistant

> Imaginova

> thines@imaginova.com

> 212-703-5856


> www.imaginova.com

> www.space.com

> www.starrynight.com

> www.spacenews.com


> Sign-up for our free newsletter for the latest Space updates! Visit http://www.space.com/php/email/get_spacenews.php

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Feeling left out that Ranger Bob didn't get his own mugshot taken with NL, this shot made the cover page of NASA Spaceweather for June 4th today! Fourth Time for I've made cover photos now, and second time I double headered in one month! There is a VERY prominent link provided to NLFTF also on the main page!




Posted Image

Image Credit: Lance Taylor / Alex Tandell (whom pressed the button for me!)


Above: Auroras over Alberta, Canada, on May 30, 2005. "[This was the] perfect end to our fishing trip," says Lance Tayler, a member of the Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers Club. "The auroras were bright despite the midnight twilight."


As a bonus, here are 74 more images of Northern Lights as a slideshow! Really cool!




PS - Alex T. Ballast pressed the button for me, but I composed the shot and told him when to release the cable. He deserves just as much credit too.


Site Admins: Take note of your webpage counter today, it will be screaming off the dial by the end of the day! NASA garners WORLD WIDE recognition as yah well know.

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Northern Lights Spotted Just Now!


Although it's a bit cloudy out at the moment, go outside and look-up to the North. The predicted storm is on, and Northern Lights are dancing right now at 11:13 PM on June 4, 2005. May wander out with the camera in a bit. Should be a good one!


Posted Image


More Info: http://www.space.com/spacewatch/aurora_cam.html

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Photo and link was just posted on SPACE.COM. Yeah.. this photo is quickly becoming famous now. Expect a few hits boyz!






THines@HQ.SPACE.com wrote:




>I am just writing to let you know that your photograph is available on our

>homepage: http://www.space.com


>It has been included in Aurora Season: 2005 Gallery. Here is the direct link

>for the page:



>Also, you may be interested in visiting 'Amazing Images' where you can

>upload your cool pictures of earth and space imagery. We would love for you

>to post some of your amazing images! This is a great way to showcase your

>work and gain notable recognition among members of the space community. Best

>of all, its FUN and FREE.


>In addition to earth and space imagery, you can also upload science and

>aviation photos:


>Upload your cool pictures of exotic locales, nature, weather, creatures and




>Upload your cool aircraft and aviation photos



>Share your amazing pictures now!


>If you have any other additional questions or comments, please feel free to

>email me. Thanks for your support.




>Tasha Hines

>Production Coordinator










>Sign-up for our free newsletter for the latest Space updates! Visit



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