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Fly Casting for Junior Forest Wardens

Michael Dell

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Brian Hepperle is putting on a fly casting lesson for the Junior Forest Wardens on Thursday May 5. This is at 7 pm at the Wagner Conservation area (aka Wagner Bog) north of Spruce Grove. If you are coming out west on the Yellowhead (highway 16) you take the first left turn after the Villeneuve overpass.


We will need some volunteers to help out. Bring a flyrod and line.


We will meet at Tim's in Spruce Grove at 6 pm.





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This went well. We had 6 instructors lead by the fearless Brian Hepperle (who is too modest to tell everyone he won the big one at Tim Hortons - he's not even going to redeeem it, he will just have the rim framed).


There were around 13 Jr. Forest Wardens and parents who wanted to learn how to cast, so we had a good ration of students to teachers.


Thanks to everyone who came out to help: Brian Hepperle, Brian Bleackley, Ron Hagen, Rick Lang, Paul Fitt.




p.s. I'm gone fishing by the time you read this.

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