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Afternoon Intermediate fly tying


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I made the morning porsion of the the intermediate fly tying just wonder how the afternoon went. The morning was very good. Some nice patterns along with some new techniques re: dubbing and some new materials.

Jeremy had lots of ideas on tying and fishing the patterns he tied. Enjoyed what I saw.


A big thanks for Jeremy coming all the way from Calgary and braving the not so nice roads. Great Job from what I saw. Sorry could stay until the end.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:


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I also enjoyed the morning tie-along portion of the intermediate fly tying seminar. Everyone there was generous with materials and advice.


The afternoon of the seminar went well. Jeremy demonstrated 6 flies (Floating Evil Weevil, Stoned Prince, Red Devil, Thorax Caddis Mayfly, Purple Lighting Stone and the Stalker, if I can read my notes correctly). The Stoned Prince looked like a good pattern – I will tie some up once I get the materials.

All the patterns for the day are at Jeremy's web site at

Jeremy's web site

Jeremy closed with a speed tie of the Evil Weevil, which took just under 2 minutes.


I enjoyed the day, and appreciated the efforts of Jeremy and the club members who organized the seminar.




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