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opinion please


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Hi guys.


getting ready to fish Muir this week and read the forums that Leechs and Cromies are the way to go.


I tied up a Olive Leech for now. Still trying to find a good cromie recipe.


The question...


Do you think that I made the length of the Marabou too long? Should it be shorter and should it be soft marabou through out? I used stiffer marabou in the centre to give it some structure.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.





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If you make your marabou tail too long, it will occasionally wrap itself around the bend in your hook. Soft marabou is usually better, though most marabou is soft enougn. Looks like you have some of the centre stem in the fly, which is no big deal, should still work okay. If it does wrap itself, just pinch the excess off, you should never cut it if you can avoid it, though the tip of the feather tends to be tougher to pinch off than the rest of the plume does.

Small leeches tend to work better in most lakes in the Spring. This is on leeches in general and is not in any way advice on Muir. :fishing:

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