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Muir Moonlight Madness


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I showed up at Muir 11:00 PM and was the first to arrive, and parking lot empty (last time we'll see that for awhile). From about 5 KM away I picked up Scratch on the FRS and guided him in to the parking lot. It gets dark out there at night don't yah know. By 11:30 PM Hep_Cat and Scratch were assembling flyrods.


I set my GPS alarm to sound at exactly midnight, then we walked down to the dock. Pacres showed up shortly before midnight about 11:45 PM.. and that's when the Northern Lights started dancing.


So I grabbed my Canon 20D and starting snapping photos. The GPS alarm sounded.. HepCat, Scratch, and Pacres all started flailing at the water. Me.. I was to busy shooting pictures of the Nothern Lights.


Within a few short casts Pacres connected to a fish... missed it... then another.. and missed. Wham... Scratch is on with a fish at T+20 minutes. Then almost simultaneously.. Pacres hits another... but misses it. At about this time CanadaGrey showed up.


Hep_Cat hits one.. misses. Scratch another.. misses. Ranger Bob is nowhere to be seen by now. He's practically on the other side off the lake.. busy chasing the Northern Lights.


He finally wanders back about oh 1:50 AM... walks to the bank... and within a few casts.. wham is in to a fish... lost. Another cast... and this time it stuck. HepCat follows quickly with TWO MORE LANDED ALMOST IN A ROW (no longer fishless now). Pacres flails the water some more. About 3:00 AM... he's finally into a fish.


With a silly grin on all our faces. and fish caught by everyone.. we posed for a group photo.. and headed home.






In fact, when we left two other vehicles with boats were camped out in the parking lot waiting for the gates to open. Y'all better get there early. :D


Oh yeah.. DipperMan was nowhere to be seen. ;)


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I was gonna post - but someone beat me to it! (I have a little longer drive home than the Ranger...)


I've been saying I wanted first fish out of Muir lake for 2005 - and I got it - at 12:20 am. Pacres nearly spoiled my fun, twice before that... Then - he almost double headered me for first fish...AGAIN! (beaumont a few weeks back...)

The first out of Muir was a nice 15" fish - Ranger tied into a healthy 18 - reallllllly pretty fish... keeps your eyes peeled - video of the events is coming!


Cheers all! Come on out - the water is fine!

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The MJL... "Super Scratch".


ZERO DAYS.. and T-Minus TWO MINUTES! Them wet footprints are from a beaver that was on the dock earlier. OR... the Penguin made a break for it in his off-shore submarine. :lol:


Posted Image


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Well, okay actually it's two trucks that showed up hauling boats in the back. RB wanders back to say hi and chat. Sorry.. we beat you here first this year guys I says!


Fish on I hears from the dock. Mosey back.


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