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Vehicle Delivery For Drift Trips?

John Schneider

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I had these notes below squirreled away in my PDA... back when I also asked about this service on Flyfish Alberta list. Someplace at home I have since picked up their business cards too from the Calgary fishing show and met Louise. Nice lady!




"Bow River Shuttle Service"

Fiqured you might want a couple of others like Louise Shotton @ 403-282-5071

or Sisters Car Shuttling which is Doris @ 403-217-4340 or

Mona @ 403-271-9292 Cell 403-862-8965.


LGS shuttles - Talk to Michelle at 278-9165.



"Red Deer"

Hey RangerBob,


There is a shuttle service on the Red Deer that is currently in it's first year. It is operated by Vinnie Herron's wife who can be contacted at 403-227-5760 and there is an online link for the put-ins and take-outs with rates. Hope that helps your personal floating needs in central Alberta . If you need more info. on pricing then link thru to me at the web link button below and I will send you to a web card with prices.


Choose to chance the rapids,



Hope that helps you out!

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I am most definately interested in drifting down the river this summer. I'd also like to see your drift boat schematics; when I move back to BC I'm going to build one as well ... you can't beat them for the Kalum and Kitimat rivers.


I'll give you a call next week and we can go for lunch.





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I have decided on Paul Butler projects for his plans. He has the simplest form of boat building that I have seen...no forms, no internal framing etc. I did a model out of cardboard and it does not seem terribly hard at all. As Paul said, his local high school builds several of them each year. I am looking forward to building several and evolving the interior to suit my needs. I am sending away for the plans today and will start purchasing materials from Boatcraft next week sometime.




He has some interesting plans! Next project will be a wood burning hot tub!!!



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