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Interim Metis Harvest Agreement - Issues

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ED NOTE: The IMHA is a contentious issue. First and foremost - this is NOT a race issue. This is not about drawing lines in the sand based on race or culture. Rather - it is a situation where the Alberta Government has drawn a line in the sand based on fears of political repercussions.


ANYONE bringing race into this discussion will be censured.



The IMHA has profound impacts on the future of Fish and Wildlife Management in Alberta.


A copy of the IMHA is available from Sportsmen Alberta:




They have also produced a good overview of the impacts of the IMHA:





Also, please review the information at:




The Alberta Game Warden site has a unique viewpoint, and indeed much is editorial.



Please - when reviewing these pages - use your judgement, use your best understanding. If you find more links to information - please - add them.

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