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Hi guys.


I have never fished Dolberg. Don't even know how to get there.


So I ask this....Where is it? and how are the facilities there? Having a 3 month old now, I need something that the Wife can use. Are there just Outhouses there or is there something with Running water.


Seeing that there is camping there, is it in a Provincial Park?


Sorry about these questions, but I have to find out. I always read about all the adventures at that lake. Even saw the movie that RB did last year.


Thanks in advance.

Topo (Dario)

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Dolberg is about 45km northwest of Barrhead.You take the highway to Thunder Lake, Hwy 18 I believe.Turn right on 655 and follow north and then west, the road ends at the lake.The last 10 or so miles is gravel and a bit rough.The campground is basic, no running water or power.There are sites with a fire pit and table and outhouses.I saw a pump there but we tookour water with us.

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Hey.. Cheeky Monkey... Heh heh.. I finally figured out your avatar the other day. You should come join us.


Posted Image



Posted Image


Yeah, I still have some maps posted on my site from last years you can reference, and videos (see the Dolberg Post Here). Hope this helps you out.


http://lance-taylor.net/nlft/Dolberg.bmp (Map, look for Bob Sled)




Great Lake!


Posted Image

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