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Fishing Banff


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You might try picking up one of those Fishing Guides to Alberta magazines. I saw them in, hmmmmm Exra Foods magazine rack but I am sure you will find them in other places as well. They give you the names and fishability of alot of different water in Alberta. Don't forget you need a different license to fish in a National Park as well. Sounds like it could be fun though! :fishing:

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I haven't fished in the Banff area for several years.

As noted, you need a separate license to fish in the Park.

Within the park, you could try Twojack lake if it's ice free,

Minewanka has lakers, but you need a boat and trolling gear

and it is likely still ice covreed.

The Bow, downstream of Banff, and particularly downstream of Bow Falls

has been known to produce fish.

I think you can access it from the road to Bow Falls.

Other than that, the Bow in the park is pretty nutrient poor so the fish are scarce.


If you want to fish the Canmore area there's more productive water.

Upstream of Canmore, before you hit the park, the Bow is quite fishable

Downstream as far as where the Kananaskis comes in is ok but

the problem with that stretch is finding easy access.

There are fish in Spray lake, but it may not be ice free yet.

Ditto for Watridge lake near the south end of Spray.

The Kananaskis River is fishable once you get off the Stony reservation

and into K - country south on hiway 40, but that's a ways from Banff

and you have to watch water level due to dam operations.

That's about it from my experience.

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