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Net Material?

John Schneider

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I am simply not going to pay what they are asking for a new net and have decided to make my own. Being handy with wood and making primitive bows and arrows over the past decade should translate into an easy "net-making" project. My question is...does anyone know where to get the various netting materials?

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John, I've been making nets for the last few years and I gave a presentation on it to the club last May. I designed my net (C&R style, 40" perimeter) to work with a standard replacement bag for the Streamside Landing nets. The bags are available at Wholesale Sport. The Fishin Hole also stocks some, but not the particular size I use. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you a copy of the Power Point presentation I made to the Club. It might give you some ideas. Terry

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Thanks Terry. I have sent you a pm and will look forward to seeing your presentation.


Not sure who you are talking to Disgrace, but I am sure that you wouldn't want one from me. You would be ill-advised to obtain from me my first attempt at anything! I plan on building a "primitive" style net...the uglier, the better. Thinking of splitting willow with some laminations of another wood. We'll see. I will post some pics if I ever get around to finishing one.

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The willows around Stauffer grabbed my net when I wasn't paying attention. If you want one, you're welcome to it. Downstream of the Buck for Wildlife bridge a few kilometres west and a little south of the Stauffer store.


Bringing a net to Stauffer. WHAT WAS I THINKING. :lol: :wacko::opps:

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When my net gets caught in the willows, I generally don't lose it

because it usually springs free just in time to whack me in the beak,

when I turn around to see what it's caught on. :curse:



You really should look at what Terry does.

He makes mighty fine nets.

You might need to build a steamer box to bend wood

for the drift boat you want to build anyway,

so the only hard part would be making the clamping forms.


Either that or get a butchers steel mitt

and learn how to "lip" a trout. :lol:

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Ya, Terry's stuff is really cool...very beautiful. He sent me his presentation and it is easy to tell that he is a true carpenter with all of his jigs and equipment...very impressive.


I am set up for all sorts of woodworking also...just more primitive woodworking! As I mentioned, I build selfbows (bows made of one piece of wood) and laminated wood bows, mainly bamboo backed osage. I also build traditional willow shaft arrows and various types of broadheads. I have been hunting with my own archery equipment for more than 10 years now. I have also started with playing around with log furniture.


Depending on the type of wood used, you can normally get away without a steam box. In fact, bamboo will not bend with steam...only dry heat. I do alot of bending with steam don't get me wrong, but usually a heat gun and steady pressure gets the job done as well as steam. With my arrows, if I have dry shafts, I 'roast' the shafts on beds of coals, straightening them one at a time. Right now, I am dreaming up a way to build a "selfnet"...that is a net out of one piece of wood. I have some ideas and I will certainly let you know what kind of contraption I come up with. There is no doubt whatsoever, that it will not be as beautiful as Terry's, but it will be a conversation piece! My biggest problem was where to get the netting, but I am also trying to come up with a "natural" form of netting...perhaps hemp or some other type of woven grass. Any ideas anyone?

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