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King Salmon

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I took my friend for a fishing trip at my 2 favorite spots that people never go too, and he did good, and then he pretty much told the whole town, were it was, what to use, and GRR.... Hence I never take him fishing with me anymore

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on That topic,

While living in Japan I lived in a small town with a sweet little river that ran through it. Sure enough there were trout in that there stream and I used to frequent it regularly on a C'n R basis. I was able to find the same fish in pretty much the place day after day. One spot I visited regularly was a pool that I could view from the bank above. I was able to observe the fish feeding and holding for ages. Having studied the fish and enjoyed the expirience of watching it go about its routine for some weeks I wanted to share that so I mentioned it to a workmate.


Within a week the fish was gone and there seemed to be a greater fisher pressure on the river. hmmmm it happens. <_<




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I can understand, and as someone mentioned on another post, 'if it was a small stream holding a small pop of good sized fish', but the lake he mentioned is far from being a secret.


As a result of his posts, will the lake receive additional pressure ? Most certainly, at least in the short term. Much like the Lake Browns article in this years A.F.G will direct traffic to debo. When Muir opens next Sunday, all will be forgotten and the attention will be on Muir.


I once showed a friend an access point to the South Ram (which is prob known to many). I didn't specifically ask him not to mention it, but I assumed he would keep it tight lipped. WRONG. Only a few weeks later he was back to the same access point, with his brother in-law and his b.i.l's friend.


I learned my lesson. :ph34r:

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Yah there's a good debate going on Jenson's board right now. I e-mailed him about his posts. Not so bad on Stoney's board as most of the anglers there are not after a freezer full of fish but posting it on my board will do some damage. They'll be some lunker hunters looking for something to bonk for sure. I'm sure it will blow over but I would hate to see this fishery turn into another Hasse. And that could indeed happen if we get any more posts about lunkers comming out of that lake (especially from the bait guys).


Cheers :cheers:


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