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Cardiff Regatta


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A bunch of us plan to spend the day floating out at Cardiff and hold a BBQ (bring your own meat.. sody pops, etc .. or some to share with the rest ). Be going from about noon to say.. oh.. when the cows come home. We'll plan to meet out at the pic nic shelter to the North End of the lake. Bring a lawnchair along too.


This is a chance to ensure all the gear is in working order for the following weeks Muir opener. :boat: If you're interested in coming out just post below, and will make further plans here.


Oh yeah.. I caught twelve trout the other day myself.. so the fish are on the take. Come put my "Cardiff Special" fly to the test. I'll tye an original one up for everyone who comes out... right there in the field.



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I see you put that up on your post now (small print, I missed it). I'l' try but that's pretty tough for me.


Cheers :cheers:


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Didn't take the floats out today... decided to keep it down to one vehicle, and we were out on the water at 3 PM. We saw Rick out in his float tube today though and saw him catch a Crayfish on his line. Too cool!


Rick was also around to witness me get "the pin" back from Scratch.. whom for some reason never landed a fish today. Uhm, the waters behind you dude... leave the TreeFish alone. ;)


So he don't feel too bad.. the evening Midge Super hatch, followed by Dun Mayflies and Caddis was nothing special.


We had a great day anyways! So... next Saturday again.. fish Cardiff all day with the floats this time. Then off to Muir Moonlight Madness.




POST #1940


Edmonton has a population of 93,817, whereas Calgary has a population of 88,904. The jobless rate, by the fall, is at four percent.


OBTW, these are seriously great books. I have the entire set and recommonded them highly!




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LOL! An even better Kodak moment. Rick you sly spy you.. I owe you a brewsky for that shot! :beer:


Yeah, the whole time Scratch was encouraging the fish to throw the hook too.


Here's a shot of you in your tube. :D



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These people graduated from the University of Alberta.




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