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Cardiff Trip Report


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Beaumont pond just plain sucks in comparison man... seek yee Cardiff. That's where all the spring action is! The water is at it's highest levels since 1995.. best fishing in years.


Ahh, fishing Dry Flies and Emergers all night long to eager trout -- HEAVEN!


Posted Image

RB's Foam Midge Emerger



I can also confirm that my "Cardiff Special" fly (not one shown above) still works out there like a champ. I'm going to submit the pattern into Neil Jennings book this weekend. It's a solid pattern after all these years.


Nuff said!

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In more plain language,

The Town of Cardiff, Alberta is about 2 miles south and 4 miles east of Morinville.

The Pond is located adjacent the golf course on the south east side of the town.

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