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Beaumont pond


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Just wondering if anyone has been to the Beaumont pond recently and had any luck? If so, what kind of streamers or dry's (if any) are you finding to be productive? I wouldn't mind heading down there one day soon for a relaxing day. Thanks

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Can you use pickeral rigs with powerbait on them out there?...or any kind of spinners you know of that work good? I was thinking of maybe bringing the girlfriend out there on Sunday for a little bit of fishing action...she can't fly fish, but she can cast a mean spinner though. You lost me on the "sno-cone" though...but I can take a wager as to what it looks like. :cheers:

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Technically, no boats are allowed on the lake (not sure if this would include float tubes) <_< .


People do use their float tubes on it. Never heard of anyone getting ticketed nor have I ever been asked to quit using it. :unsure:

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There's also a "no swimming" sign, so make sure you don't fall in. :lol:

If your better half doesn't fly fish, I have two suggestions.

1. Sign her up for our beginners fly casting course on May 14th :whip:

We've taken lady novices and turned them into fly fishers before. :)

2. Do the bobber and fly trick with her. ;) That is:

Place a fly at the end of the spinning line & a bobber about 4 ft up the line.

Best is a small bobber you can fill with water so it just floats. :rolleyes:

Cast the rig out and watch the bobber like a hawk. :fishfish:

Any twitching etc, set the hook. :catch:


The aforesaid sno cone is a chironomid pattern

with a body of ribbed black floss or frostbite

and a white plastic bead head right behind the eye.

Red chironomid patterns might work too. Try size 12 to 16.

You might also try a gold ribbed hare's ear as well.

If I didn't have a gazillion things on this week, I'd be out there with ya. :(

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Thanks Dave, I may have to pick up some of those flies tonight. I have to go down to wholesale sports and get my line spooled anyways. How far below the surface are you fishing the streamers...are you adding weight to the tippet line?

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Wild Horse and Kinky Lakes are ice free! Just outside of Hinton on the way to the park these waters get blasted by the wind coming down the Athabasca River Valley so they open sooner than other waters. Obed is frozen and so is Millers Lake but there is a large pool of open water at the boat launch because of the aeration at Millers. Still winter out here but on the drive by Millers a bait slinger was pounding the open water.

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Straight south on 50th street, thorugh Beaumont, (watch the speed limit)

past the church , down the hill to the stop sign.

Then you have two choices

1. Behind the high school

Turn right and follow the road to the high school

turn left on the east side of the school and wind around behind it to the parking lot.

Then park and walk west over bridge and then the berms.

2. The water park

Keep going south to the main intersection

Turn right towards Nisku

Take the first right into the subdivision

Follow that road to the parking lot by the kid's water park

The pond is just a bit north and west.

It's a shorter walk than the high school.


If your casting suffers, come to the clinic May 14th

Unortunately we can't help with the walking vest part.

It seems to be a common affliction that can only be cured

by hanging around with a "funbuster"

or taking up another pastime such as knitting.

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Okay....so straight through beaumont until you hit the main highway to Nisku and then turn right....or do you turn right before that? I didn't think there was a subdivision by the main highway? How far of a walk are we talking...don't they have parking at the pond?

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At the stop light at the nisku highway, turn right onto that highway.

Then take the first right to go back north at the subdivision entrance.

The subdivision is only about 3 years old.

The walk from the parking lot by the water park to the pond is about 100 yards.

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From what I remember, just before you get to the first 4 way stop, there is a sign that says "4 Seasons Park" or something, and it has a little fishing symbol on it somwhere I think. If you follow the signs, you should find it no problem. Last time I fished it was 3 or 4 years ago though lol. :P

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Sorry I didn't make it last night. I was politely reminded by my wife, of a previous engagement. I am going over this morning to pick up garbage around the shore. Can't wait for the city to "slip" and do it and I hate fishing for Rainbows or anything else while standing amongst refuse. I will be fishing there this evening though. :)

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