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Cypress Fly Fishing Club


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The following information was provided by Tim Bloomfield. If you have any questions, please contact him via the e-mail address included in the content.


- Scratch



Cypress Fly-Fishing Club’s Year End Meeting

Medicine Hat, Alberta


We’ve decided to end our fly club season this year with a bang.  Our last meeting will be held May 20th, 7:00 p.m. at the newly built Elkwater Lake Lodge.  Special quest speakers will be Brian Chan, and Chris Seipio, who will also be joined by Don Freschi, Dale Freschi, and Brent Schlenker in a “open forum” setting.


Chris Seipio will also be available to run some fly casting seminars for the beginner and advanced for $40 per session


1. Basics of Fly Casting

2. Advanced Fly Casting


These sessions will likely be run on Saturday, May 21st.


We are trying to organizes this as a social event too, so there should be the opportunity to mingle with some of the biggest names in the fly fishing business.


Cost for this evening will be the purchase of a Cypress Fly Fishing Club membership ($20) or a small donation to the club if you’re from out of time.  We should have some raffles that evening, and this is also a great opportunity for you to come down and fish some of our lakes in the Cypress Hills (i.e. Bullshead, Spruce Coulee etc.)


We’ve had a great year with many talented guest speakers, and this should be a great way to wrap up the season.  For more information, contact Tim Bloomfield at tim.bloomfield at prrd.ab.ca


Bio's on the speakers, even though they don't need one:

Chris Seipio http://www.flyfishingevents.com/calsym_speaker2.html

Don Freschi http://sfotf.com/main/Home.10.0.html

Dale Freschi http://www.cypressflyfishing.com/about.html

Brent Schlenker http://www.cypressflyfishing.com/about.html

Brian Chan http://www.chironomid.com/articles/chan_bio.html


I've been in contact with Vic Bergman out of the Crowsnest Angler and we've put together this course on how to safely use pontoon boats on moving water.  I approached him specifically because I thought the water in his area offered the best opportunity to try and push our boats to the limit and to see what we can do in them.


This is not a guided fishing trip, but there will definitely be the opportunity to fish during the float.  I am planning on making a weekend out of it and fishing some other waters while I'm down there. 


We only need 4 people to make it a go, and we can hook up and do some fishing together.  Contact Vic or myself ASAP so we can finalize this.


Drifting Rivers With Pontoon Boats

Saturday June 25, 2005


Location: Oldman River, immediately downstream of the Oldman Dam

Meeting Place: Kayak Course, located on the north side of the river, upstream of the Cottonwood Campground

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm.

Cost: $75.00, includes GST

Instructor: Vic Bergman/Crowsnest Angler Fly Shop


This course requires a minimum of 4 participants (max. 6 people).

Bring lunch.


*Participants will be required to sign a waiver.


Course Description


Topics will include equipment, pontoon boat safety, rowing and boat handling skills, reading water, drifting/fishing strategies, and boating etiquette.



Equipment Checklist


The following is a list of equipment required to participate in this course.


* Pontoon boat designed for river use, with adequate load capacity for the participant and their gear.  The outer fabric material on the bottom of the pontoons should be 1200 Denier PVC, or heavier.  If unsure whether your pontoon boat meets these requirements, check the manufacture’s web site for specifications.  Your boat should also be equipped with oarlocks and footrests.

* Oars

* An approved PFD (personal floatation device) or lifejacket, which must be worn during the course

* Lining/safety rope (25 - 35 feet of _- or 3/8-inch braided nylon rope)

* Providing your PT boat has an anchor system, bring a 10- to 15-pound anchor, with 25 feet of braided nylon rope.  Lead pyramid anchors are the most popular, but other types will work.

* Signaling device (whistle)

* Waterproof flashlight

* Waders & wading belt

* Fishing gear (optional)


Note: Fins will not be used during the course.  However, the use of fins in rivers will be discussed.



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I've have just recently learned that Brian Chan and Chris Seipio will be unable to make the trip out our way. Therefore, we will regretfully have to cancel our meeting for this upcoming weekend.


Thanks to everyone who came out to our meetings this year. We had some great seminars and speakers, and we'll start up again next winter.




(That doesn't mean you guys still can't come down and do some fishing in my end of the woods. ;) )

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