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Next Wednesday's meeting (April 20)


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Bring your tying gear some really big hooks...(#2 to 3/0), some zonkers strips in your fav colour and tye along with Brian Hep and me.


Spring pike beware.............



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Chance's are I might not be able to get a few of those materials(Rabbit strips, maybe a few others), and I doubt we will be able to get into edmonton early enough on wednesday to pop into a store to get the stuff, So I am wondering if I may borrow someones extra's if possible?(And I will pay them for what I use of there materials) And If not that's cool too, it just mean Wabbit Season has started...





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:clap::clap: Yes Paul those are the materials, Some mylar tubing and holo tinsel works too.


3/0 hooks are just fine



25 to 30 pound mono for happy salad guards helps.



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Thanks Dennis!


This might be the last meeting I get to for a while(Calving is just starting), so I really want to learn how to make pike flies, for the rod I am about to finish building.



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This week's meeting is Pike Flies.

Bring your gaudiest material, hooks #2 and up

and some 30lb mono if you want happy salad guards.


I'd love to help Dave out by demoing a tube fly for pike,

(maybe another time) but I have another engagement

Something about 40 year old Scotch.


PS to Dave

Can you gather and e-mail me the info for next month?

I need to start the May newsletter this weekend.


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