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Just went into Whole Sale Sports at the new location. Very impressed lots of stock at this time. Talked to Mike behind the counter he seem to be very accomadating. I mention that if he could keep the selves stock it would be a big plus. He said he would diffinetly try too. He seem to have a very good stock


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:


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I'm going into Fishin Hole on 97 St. tommorrow from my death bed.. if they don't have the 6 packs of Rainbow Dubbing I ordered over 6 weeks ago.. I will try there then. What's holding me up on my fly submission to Niel Jennings book right now.. and what I told the guy I ordered stuff from.


OBTW, Did I mention I got my new Cabella's FREE catalog in the mail yesterday too. Only thing keeping me alive right now.


Whats that.. Wholesale wants to become the Cabella's of the North? They got a loooong way to go yet!



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