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Found 1 result

  1. It was May 7 and I was on a fishing trip at Dolberg lake in Alberta near town of Barrhead. As I drifted around south side of the lake I saw what I thought was a dead head but when I put in for a stretch I discovered the dead head was actually a bloated dead beaver floating in the shallows .Not a pleasant sight and my thoughts were maybe it died in a fight or got sick . I decided to find a better spot to put in and went down the lake some 65yds past a very large beaver lodge and found an acceptable spot. Getting closer to the shore what did I see but another dead bloated beaver floating there just like the first one. Quietly and as softly as a warm summer breeze it became obvious that these two animals may have been killed and left to rot at the hands of a very wasteful and ignorant idiot. My first thought was were they destroyed by an incompetent guide or angler because they slapped their tail possibly scaring a fish ,but then a more demoralized thought creped up on me which was the foot stomping revenge of a outdoor gorilla pot farming enthusiast out to say screw you to the great environs beavers are. I counted a growing population of 4 beavers out on the lake, up 2 from the previous year and new lodges being built, now there is only 1 beaver out there. The water level of the lake is supported by the beavers as they maintain a series of dams in the outlet stream, first holding level is 3 to 4ft deep from my observation. Without such an structures and their integrity being attended to by the beaver population this lake and all it provides for is in peril. A change to the water level might prove detrimental to the productive happy salad beds that host such food production and rapid growth rates in the eco system it is. This lake produces the finest of rainbow trout that I have caught up to 6 lbs , and fish upwards of 8 lbs have been bragged about . There is a community campsite at the spot and such a loss of this resource will have an impact on more than what meets the eye. Conservation officer has been informed. HEY WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LEAVE THE BEAVERS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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