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Found 2 results

  1. Outline on Quill Wings is as follows: History Sourcing Feather Nomenclature and Anatomy Preparation of Quills prior to tying Matching Preparation of Quills to tie in point How to tie in matches sets Wing Styles How to tie down wings, up wings, curve types and styles Marrying wings What matches what doesn't For those that would like to tie along. You can bring the following materials. bring two or three different coloured matched duck quills (natural is fine as well) some will be needed for married quills at the end of the presentation.Bring 3399 or 3906B in a number 8 for the wet fly and 94840 in a 8 or 10 for the dry fly demos. Bring any coloured goose, swan or turkey as well and a larger salmon hook anything from a 5/0 down to a 1. Thread can be 12/0 to 3/0 your choice. A pair of scissors, or sharp and pointed edged knife, small ruler, small pointed caliber( like those found in a students math kit), bobbin and bodkin. Vise and lamps as usual. Look forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday November 28th, 201
  2. Hey, Gary will be doing the topic of quill wings , recently replaced by hair , etc, Dennis is that what happened????? HAhahahahahahhhhhhhhaaaaa
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