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  1. Looks like this property is good hands now, well done everyone that was involved. http://www.ab-conservation.com/featured-projects/land/porter-property.
  2. HI Dan, Found this list on 2014 stocking report up to May 12th. http://mywildalberta.com/Fishing/documents/FishStockingReport-May12-2014.pdf
  3. Hi Steve , You can put me down for all day on Sunday Thanks George
  4. Merry Christmas to all the forum members and All the the best in 2014. GeorgeG
  5. Update on Muir Lake. Was out cycling today, went past Muir, still lots of ice from what I could see. Sorry no pictures gang, but that ice has to be getting pretty soft. Hopefully ice off by next weekend I would hope?
  6. Hey Dipperdan, who ya gonna call...Ice busters! Certainly a few days would help.
  7. What a difference 30 years can make. I remember when the Alberta record for a rainbow trout was caught in this lake.. I guess that just means Im getting old.
  8. Have a look at this from Don A website. Hope this helps, great fly pattern for pot hole lakes. Sorry I missed your mention of this in your original post Kristi http://bamboorods.ca/leech.html
  9. Interesting video on lake turnover, good information for the up coming spring season. click on the following link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLTMuQo4h-4
  10. Like the new layout ,looks great
  11. Just a heads up,Canadian tire is blowing out Minn Kota Maxxum motors,they have been discontinued.An example of pricing,Maxxum 40 is selling for $189.00 plus tax.Check with a store to find out which stores still have inventory.
  12. Stream Crossings Came across this information this morning.Looks like the Coyote was in charge of the Hen house.
  13. Heading to Dolberg on Monday with Paul ,will post on trip.Maybe will see some of you out there....
  14. Hi Dan,hope you have a great day.
  15. Great looking Pike flies Paul .With so many Pike flies tied up,I'm just wondering if you scooped that foam gardening pad out of my garage now?You know the one, you were sizing it up for popper bodies...LOL
  16. Joe ,I think the LSR trip is either Sept 16 or Sept 23 week-end,not sure which one forsure though .I do know it isn't this coming long wk-end.
  17. Hi Joe,no meeting tonight.Club outing for fishing at Muir Lake tonight
  18. Dennis,Costco just got some roll top desks in.You may wanna check out,I think they are priced under $600.00
  19. Seen this on another site,would be a very interesting day.http://members.broadhost.com/fishalberta/msg/1152624976.html
  20. That reminds me RB,also check the container for expire date...I have an old one to test fire this year as well.
  21. You can get bear spray at Mountain Equipment CO-OP.It is availavble on their web site..www.mec.ca. Edmonton address is 12328 - 102 ave.Hope that helps ya.
  22. Attended Dave's funeral today.As Dave R mentionerd in another post ,nice turn out from the NLFT&F.Dave was the first member I met @ the first meeting I attended.He really made one feel @ home in room of strangers that night.It was always nice to go fishing with Dave.His one tradition was ya had to always stop for breakfast.If you were headed to Dolberg Lake,that meant the IGA in Barhead.I gained alot of knowledge from Dave on chironomid fishing,after spending one afternoon @ Muir Lake with him.He was an excellent fisherman & passed on his knowledge freely.He was passionate about fly fishing,loved to BS, ty flies,& plan the next trip.This is what is so grest about the club.Had I not joined, I would not have met a guy like Dave.The club is full of members just like Dave,which is just awesome...A quality fellow who will be missed forsure.
  23. This is something similar,but local.This is a site for some Peregrine falcons nesting at the Clinical Sciences building at the U of A.www.falconcam.med.ualberta.ca/index.html
  24. I also have that book.I bought it at the "Fishin Hole" if my memory is correct,in St Albert when Russell first open the store.They were in alittle hole in the wall space in downtown St Albert.There was another fella working the store for Russell.His name was Gary Carlson,and he created the "52 Buick" fly.I remember him saying it was his go to fly at Hasse Lake.Anyway that was the spring of 1975 & I was in junior high.Picked up my first fly rod-Eagle claw fiberglass & Diawa reel from them.Price marked in pencil in book, is $3.75...to funny.A flood of great memories.
  25. Its that time of year again to book my holidays.Its always difficult to decide when to take a week off to go just fishing .I'm leaning towards the 3rd week of Aug this year,float the Bow & lakes in Kananaskis..I have always wanted to take a week off in May to go to BC to do some early season lake fishing.What about June,salmon flies on the Crow.Then theres the green drakes on Stauffer along with some lake fishing as well.Maybe a week in the fall,could hit Swan lake & some Grayling fishing.So the question is,what time of year would you book a week off to go fishing.Retirement people need not reply.
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