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  1. No prob. usually takes me a couple of days to recover from a long day like that on a Sunday, sort of like a bad hangover Cheers
  2. You guys are car pooling? How much room do you have? If I don't have to drive (I work 'til 5am), I'd be interested. Let me know. Cheers
  3. Anything come out of the meeting Dennis? Any ideas or thoughts?
  4. Good idea Don. Dennis, is this something the Northern lights could or would dicuss at tommorows meeting? Maybe ask for ideas and/or solutions to this problem. Also we should ask other anglers what they think about the problem. I hope we don't have to wait until someone throws some Perch in Muir before action is taken. If we just sit on this and do nothing, by the time we see how dreadful this problem can be it'll be to late and all our local lakes will be not worth the effort to fish them. I've already given up on fishing Spring Lake and won't go back until the Perch problem is fixed. Same goes for Eden and Cardiff. Seams we have three decent lakes left that are Perch free... Muir, Star and Dolberg.
  5. I'm sure they didn't poison Hasse either. I've been fishing it since I was ten and don't ever remember a summer I didn't fish it. I did hear about the idea to poison it due to the three-spine stickleback but I don't think it ever went through. So what is it we do? I too feel the Perch are the work of bucket biologists. But what's the answer? For all of our fisheries, I believe the answer to any of our problems is enforcement and education. Starting with the kids when they are in school, we should be educating them on the affects of over harvest, transplanting species of fish into other water bodies, the good and bad of C&R etc... As far as enforcement, remember hearing how you could loose your vehicle, boat and all your gear when you got caught poaching, fishing without a license etc? When I was a kid my dad used to preach to me how much trouble one could get in for not having a license, etc... I think the strictest of penalties should be given for anyone performing bucket biology, pretty much throw the book at them. Of course this won't help is in the short term. What do we do now? Does the Gov't even poison lakes today?
  6. Not sure if it would be guys around here using Perch as bait. Could be fish-eating birds dropping Perch from the sky (most of these lakes are all real close) or maybe bucket biologists looking for more Perch fishing oportunities during hard water. Some of these lakes like Hasse, Spring and Eden have had Perch dating back many years and now it seams a population explosion has occured in some (Spring is a good example). What do we do about it? I know some of the guys are choked at the Edmonton Trout Club and were considering not turning the aerators on at Spring Lake this winter maybe hoping the lake would winterkill. How serious they are about that I can't say. The aerators may already be running, not sure. I know when I was a kid, they would poison a lake and put that lake out of commision for about four years (maybe more) when another species was introduced. Ghost lake up north was a stocked trout lake and someone introduced Pike to the lake. The Gov't poisoned the lake and then restocked it but the Pike either survived or someone tossed some more Pike in there. It's been a Pike lake ever since. I think it would help if we knew 'for sure' how these Perch were getting into these lakes and then what the Gov't feels about the Perch in these lakes. Maybe the Gov't doesn't really care. I know I sent an e-mail to Stephen Spencer (Stony Plain area biologist) two years back regarding the illegal introduction of Koi into Lake Eden and although 'he' was very concerned, as far as I know nothing has been done about it. The Koi are alive an well and getting bigger each year. Cheers
  7. Doc

    no show

    Hmmm.... I didn't even think about posting Next time for sure Although next time will prob be the Bow and not the RD. Cheers
  8. By "stocked" do mean by the Gov't or the Perch just ended up in there somehow? Hasse Lake Eden Morinville Cardiff Peanut Spring Lake Spring Lake and Peanut seam to be the worst affected. In the past, Spring Lake was producing some really big Rainbows. I went out this past fall fishing Waterboatmen patterns and didn't catch one trout. Caught 15 Perch though Hmmmm.... wonder why I spent most of my summer fishing Muir eh? Cheers
  9. Doc

    no show

    Well, I was still at work at 7:00 Sunday morning so I decided to head out a little later. I got on the river at 12:15pm. The Sulfur hole was packed (4-5 guys fishing it) and I met a nice guy from Camrose that I gave some split shot to. He sent me in his stretch and I casted a few there but my set up wasn't working for that slow water so I set out in search of faster choppy water. Found it and caught four RM Whitefish, all were a decent size. Thought I hooked a good Brown for a few minutes but turned out I foul hooked a Rocky in the tail (that was a goood fight ). Only my second time fishing the RD and my first doing any exploring at all. It was great to just Zen with nature again . I needed that Cheers
  10. If anyone is going fishing on Sunday, let me know. I gotta get away, I'm getting severe shack nasties. I'd even watch a hole in the ice right now Cheers
  11. Not really sure if I understand a lot of this thread. "They have 50 grant in there coppers" What does that mean and who are "They"? Still not sure where this lake is, it doesn't sound to close to Edmonton, is up near Fox Creek? Are you asking if this is a project F.E.S.A would be interested in or just for some ideas and input for another organization to champion an aeration and stocking project for this lake? Cheers
  12. You can also add Morrinville Res to that list, see 'em myself. Cheers
  13. Just so you all know I went out to Muir on Monday and put up two more of the signs that I showed off at the Flies 'N' Beer. We now have one near the gate leading down to the boat launch, one at the end of the Walk Of Fame and one near the dock where the No Parking sign is. There are three more left to go up in the spring for the other side of the lake. Cheers Doc
  14. Doc

    Introducing myself

    Welcome aboard Fishman. If it's bragging rights you want, just invite me up to your neck of woods and I'll let you brag all you want. I'm always looking for a new fishin' hole Cheers!
  15. I'm just glad everyone enjoyed themselves and the presentation went over smoothly. You know I've talked in front of thousands of people at a time without thinking twice about it but last night I was actually nervous. It's a little different speaking to your peers about something you are passionate about then it is trying to hype up a bunch of people you've never met. So another thank you for not heckling me while I was up there and thanks for all the kind words from everyone about last night. Cheers!
  16. Guys beleive it or not I've never been to a tying presentation before so I have nothing to compare last nights presentation too. I thought it went over very well though and I want to thank all of you that attended. The weather was just dreadfull and I'm actually surprised we had the turnout we did. A big thanks to Phil for putting on a great presentation and to Ranger Bob as well for supplying me with his equipment and his support. I hope everyone enjoyed it and I also hope that we get continued support in the future so that we can continue Flies 'N' Beer in 2005. For those of you involved in Trout Unlimited, I'll see you the third Monday of every month but it may be a while before I see anyone else again as making the Tuesday night meetings are very difficult for me. So I'll just say happy tying and tight lines. Cheers Doc
  17. Doc

    Flies & Beer

    Good question Jokey. Could someone bring some membership cards to the Flies 'N' Beer?
  18. Bloodworms, Chironomids and Backswimmers weren't the ticket today. Caught two on the backswimmer had some bumps on both the BW's and Chronies but the trout at Muir today were all over black beadhead woolies. Couldn't keep 'em off once I switched over after 3 hours of fishing the others. Even caught three from the dock after I beached my tube for the day . P.S. I found out there is a 16 inch very fat Rainow living uner the Doc. I tossed my wooly in the lake to see how the action on it was and the Bow raced out from right under the dock and inhaled it. He hauled some line off my reel and put up a great fight (luckily he didn't get back under the dock but he tried).
  19. I changed my mind. I'm heading out at 7am and will stay 'til about noon or so.
  20. I heard there were some members going to Muir on Sat. Who's all going and what time? Think I'll get there for noon.
  21. Awwweee, the summer of Sam. A summer to remember for sure Sam spelt backwards is mas. And that's where I'll be going for confessional if I keep looking at that pick of Sam
  22. Tim could answer this better than I (haven't been to a FESA meeting yet) but I do beleive that the Gov't grant was a one time shot. Besides that, I beleive we are holding some money back for a second project maybe in the Stathcona or Sturgeon counties (Brian is best to ask on that one). And I also beleive the cost to aerate is not very much. Yes the "Bubbler" (condensed air) type of aeration cost considerably more than the de-stratification process used by fountain aerators. How much more? Not sure. On a side note: Got my wife a new car today (Seabring) and I can now put the smaller regulation signs up at Muir. Anybody got an afternoon free (fishing comes into play here as well)
  23. Doc

    Flies & Beer

    Thanks Scratch, that's all I can ask
  24. Doc

    Flies & Beer

    As RB has stated he will be bringing his Man Cave set-up . Scratch and Hepcat also said they may be able to bring a projection TV and pull down screen. Is this possible guys? I would put it right at the side bar (the bar beside us when we tie) if it is. Let me know please as the more big TV's we get the better.
  25. Doc

    Flies & Beer

    Sounds good Michael. I'm so glad that things could be worked out, I was feeling pretty bad about booking Phil on this date.
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