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  1. Let's just see if we can entice Phil to say hi. He told me he lurks here but he's in Washington State as I write this and should be back soon. "Romper stomper romper roo. I see Michael and Greg and Brian and I see Ian and Don and Lance and Phil and all of you boys and girls out there." We promise Phil, we won't bombard you with Stillwater questions (or tying tips for that matter) Cheers, Doc
  2. The original post is no longer so I decided to start it up again. And it was just getting fun The idea here is to post you favorite Muir stories, fly patterns, fav trout caught, most embarrassing moments, etc... Then post how many days are left 'til Muir opens. Have fun with it 39 days 'til Muir opens Cheers Doc
  3. Once again we watched as Phil razzled and dazzled us with his patterns and informative methods to fish 'em. Great presentation Phil (he don't post but I know he's lurking... ) Cheers Doc
  4. Welcome to the forum John and thanks for the kind offer regarding your pond. Cheers Doc
  5. Hmm, I'm off the board for a day and my countdown is gone. What's up? Cheers Doc
  6. As far as the aerators, we are already covered with insurance under the AFG membership, so that's not a problem. A general meeting is a great idea. But not until we can determine what the costs will be so that we may give the proper information, which as I said before is where we are at now. Out of curiosity, what was discussed at the meeting tonight? Cheers
  7. Another lake is already being looked at. The cost for another lake is minimal, buy aerators and run power. Now with the spawning channel, $25,000 would be the cost with no help at all. I've already talked to some that may be willing to provide labor, a backhoe and a water pump (that would bring the costs way down). As well we would be looking for other sponsors regarding gravel, etc. We do have some good lakes that are producing well, not 20 mins from Edmonton though. Just imagine how good Muir or any of the other lakes you mentioned would be if we could stop most mortality due to egg absorption stress. As far as school tours... YES, isn't that exactly what we want? To educate our young regarding conservation of our resources? I would hope there would be school children every day it was open. Education is so important especially in a province with only 1000 fisheries to share amongst 300,000 anglers. The parking lot will be expanded this year courtesy of Parkland County and should be building a casting platform for us as well (cross your fingers). The spawning channel will be prepared for power outage with several seven to eight foot holes for the trout to survive until power is back up and running. We've discussed the positives and negatives about a channel and the only thing standing in our way are dollar signs. That's where we are now, is it feasible or not? I think it is. Cheers
  8. Say, with the timing of such a project.. can some 2005 Centinial Funds be acquired somehow? Celebrate our fishing heritage through this project? Elaborate with displays of angling in Alberta over the past 100 years along the path? Not sure, that would be a question to ask Tim D. He would know better than I about Gov't grants and such. Cheers
  9. The idea of the spawning channel is still being looked at. With the help of Brian Chan, we know how to build one and the answer to the question of should we build one is yes (as stated great education tool and will relieve stress on the trout). The only question remaining is can we afford to build one. That's where we are now. I'm not aware of any other spawning channels in Alberta but there may be some around just not on provincially stocked fisheries. At least no Gov't biologists have fessed up to knowing about one. The fish truck will still be by every spring regardless of the spawning channel (that's not it's purpose as self reproduction would not work here, we need to know how many fish are being stocked each year to keep Muir successful). The construction of a spawning channel will require excavation with a backhoe to dig out the channel. The channel must be two hundred feet long and made in an "S" shape. There must be a minimum 2-degree slope from water to top of channel and water would be pumped from the center of lake to the top of the channel with the use of a pump (pump house would need to be built). The channel would have to be covered to stop predators and vandalism and the mouth of the channel would have to be a no fish zone with lots of sheltering debris (to give the trout a place to hide and to make it tough to throw a line in the water there). The channel would be turned on for about a month to a month and a half. We would turn it on as soon as we have an ice-free lake and leave it on until we feel it's necessary to turn it off. We feel there are just to many people that may take advantage of this situation so running the channel for more than a month could do more harm than good (but that's just us being cautious). Estimated cost for this channel without any donations is around $25,000. Of course that's just an estimate as we are currently looking into what costs of material and labor are to complete this channel. And we will be going after sponsors to help with these costs. I hope helps a bit. Cheers
  10. Great pics and some very inovative flies. Did the bamboo have to be seen on the fly or just used somehow in the pattern? Wish I could have been there. Cheers
  11. RB, what happened? I was in your corner dude Big congrats to Dale for winning Michael, sorry on your loss man but you did have a whole year with the title and you should be proud of that. I wish I could have been there, sounds like it was a good time. RB, I do like the sounds of an Iron Fly Fisher event. Maybe the Muir Iron Fly Fishing Challenge? Cheers
  12. Judging by your avatar, he got his good looks from his mom Congarts! Cheers
  13. You mean there are 17 year olds that still listen to AC/DC? Good to know, we'd call the bouncers on you if that hat read BLING BLING! Enjoy yourself Ian, there are some great guys in the club and if you do tie, the least you will get are some great tips. Cheers
  14. Just a reminder for the Trout Unlimited folks. It's our turn this month to keep an eye on Muir Lake. Please post your reports here. Cheers
  15. What I could stay awake for was awsome (pulled an all nighter after working 'til 7am). Those two guys know more than god about Stillwaters (sorry big guy just kidding ). I wish I could have taken in both days. I did talk to Brian Chan for a while about a spawning channel for Muir. He gave me pics and info and set us up for an approx budget. Great guys and a great presentation. Cheers
  16. Doc


    I also want to send out a congratulations to those that were newly elected as well as those that remain seated on the executive. Cheers
  17. Actualy, the two signs that are missing were on a metal sign post at the end of the Walk Of Fame/Education Center. So not sure if that will do much good as they took the post itself with the signs attched. But at least we know they didn't end up in the fire Cheers
  18. I stopped in at Muir on Tuesday and although the "No Parking/Muir Reg" signs are on the post at the launch, the reg sign is missing one nut on the bottom bolt. We are also missing one "No Parking" sign and one "Muir Reg" sign. Both of these signs were located at the end of the walk of fame on the same metal post. Also, one of the "No Parking" signs on a wodden post is on the ground next to a large fire pit. The bottom of the post has been burnt. Looks like the kids are still using this area for their late night parties. On the plus side, there didn't appear to be any signs of poachers as I saw no foot prints in the snow or auger holes in the ice. ::ice fish:: Also both aerators were up and running. Cheers, Doc
  19. Doc

    New guy

    Hey Joe, welcome a-board. Great site here with a lot of friendly fly-people. The folks here also like to share so if you can make it this far west to do some fly-fishing, chances are good you can find someone here to show you around the streams. Guys, I missed that whole storm thing as I slept 'til 5pm. Scratch, I'm glad I didn't wake up early to go watch a cloud :lol: Cheers
  20. Doc

    To Funny

    Here's a funny video I saw on Fly Anglers Online Don't watch it when the wife's around though Fishing with the wife Must of been fishing here eh? Cheers
  21. Hope we see you at Flies 'N' Beer when it starts up again as well. Happy Birthday Alex , hope it's a good one! Cheers Doc
  22. Guys there should have been a reg sign with the no parking sign at the end of the walk of fame/education center (which you say was found in the lake). Was that still there? I don't think the wind blew the other reg sign down, sounds more like someone's been messing around. I'll have to take a trip out there.
  23. The four clubs involved in the Muir lake project are taking turns in keeping an eye on Muir Lake. We're watching to make sure the aerators are still running, there has been no vandalism to signs, roped off areas, bathrooms, etc... and that there is no icefishing or signs of icefishing (auger holes, etc...). It would be very much appreciated if the Northern Lights members can take some time out and check on the status of Muir through the months of Novemeber and December. Please post here with the date, time and results of your check. If you have a cell phone, please take it with you in case it's needed to phone in poachers. The Edmonton Old Timers will be in charge of observing for the month of January. Trout Unlimited Edm will be in charge of February. And The Edm Trout Club will be in charge of March. All members of any of the above clubs are welcome to use this space to post results.
  24. Some message board hosts can become quite upset about posting web page links on thier board . Usually if someone else (other than the owner of the site linked) posts it, they might get an e-mail from the site administrator asking to not do that but if I posted it I'd get a pretty good tongue lashing from some. You never know which administrator is gonna fly off the wall though until after. So if anyone else wants to post the link then be my guest I just hate rockin' the boat since sometimes it's my boat that gets rocked. Cheers
  25. Don Anderson had e-mailed and came up with what I thought was a great idea. I'd like all you opinion on this page. Please e-mail me with what improvements you would make and what could be added or what could be changed to make this page better. Please be honest. Crimes Against Sport Fishing Cheers
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