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  1. Thanks guys. Been off the net for a few days (since Sat) and just came back on now to see this. Cheers
  2. Folks this was posted on my board today... "whats worse for a trout lake, perch or koi? Posted by seahawkfisher on 5/9/2005, 9:45 am because i saw an NFL football sized koi hanging out in the weeds in the south end of our prized Muir Lake second question; was it transported there by waterfoul? how would a guy try to catch an ugly beast like that; i understand that they are diseased and can have an adverse affect on the trout. sure would be nice if one of those big cormorants would eat it, i tell ya, you cant miss that bright a$$ orange thing if you get anywhere close to it lets hope this isnt the beginning of a disaster. oh ya, we caught 5 bows from 14" and up, trolling small spoons and quick fish cheers" I've e-mailed Stephen Spencer and asked Seahawkfisher to do the same. Not sure what can be done about this. Cheers, Doc
  3. Don't forget to get your tickets. It's this Saturday Cheers Doc
  4. Doc

    Star Lake

    A few of us are gonna head out to Star Monday morning for 7am if anyone wants to come. Bring your chronies, backswimmers, scuds, dries and leech patterns. Cheers Doc
  5. I am asking for volunteers to help out at Muir Lake. We will be pounding in 10ft sign posts around the lake and then attaching the Muir Lake regulation signs (same yellow and black sign you see at the enterance where the gate is). The date for this is Friday June 03 at 12:00 noon. If you can help out with this project please post below so that I can get an idea of how many volunteers will be helping. Cheers Doc
  6. This event is coming up real soon folks so please see Brian or Michael Dell about your tickets. It's only $10.00 a ticket and it includes a late lunch and a live band. The money raised will be used to start up another Muir Lake east of Edmonton . Cheers Doc
  7. A couple of weeks ago, I forgot my Forcefins at Morinville Res. If anyone found then could you please e-mail me. drteith@hotmail.com Cheers, Doc
  8. Looks like you guys had a blast. Would have liked to meet you out there but it was no to be. Congrats to Scratch on the first trout in 2005 out of Muir. I'm heading out this morning. First time at Muir with the new 'toon. Prob be there at around 5am. Cheers Doc
  9. For all you FAOLers out there. Al Campbell passed during the night at his home in Rapid City, South Dakota. Funeral arrangements are scheduled for Monday, the 2nd of May. FAOL Doc
  10. Yah there's a good debate going on Jenson's board right now. I e-mailed him about his posts. Not so bad on Stoney's board as most of the anglers there are not after a freezer full of fish but posting it on my board will do some damage. They'll be some lunker hunters looking for something to bonk for sure. I'm sure it will blow over but I would hate to see this fishery turn into another Hasse. And that could indeed happen if we get any more posts about lunkers comming out of that lake (especially from the bait guys). Cheers Doc
  11. I see you put that up on your post now (small print, I missed it). I'l' try but that's pretty tough for me. Cheers Doc
  12. What day are you planning on? Today? Cheers Doc
  13. Are you guys staying and fishing on the Monday or heading home early on the Monday? I might come down on the Sunday if you guys are satying and fishing the Monday. Let me know. Cheers Doc
  14. Brian is taking care of that. Thanks in advance for the donation Lance. Once we get that lake going east of Edmonton, I'll never see you at Muir again or should it be Nah, I'll go with Cheers Doc
  15. Drove out to Star tonight and it's all open now. I'm fishing it Monday morning from 6am-11pm if any one wants to join me. Cheers Doc
  16. Just to update everyone on the spawning channel. I got an e-mail from Craig Copeland (manager of the Cold Lake Hatchery) and he related to me that they may be looking at sterile trout (Triploids). Tim D got in touch with SRD and they told Tim that our gov't is currently watching the BC gov't regarding sterile trout and may have plans in the future to stock Alberta's lakes with Triploids. This is not a guarantee by any means but because of this we have decided to shelve the spawning channel until we have confirmation whether Triploids will be a part of Alberta's future or not. Sterile trout will not produce eggs and will have no urge to move into a spawning channel. Cheers Doc
  17. Welcome to the board Bob I can't wait for Star to open either. Let me know as soon as you know when it opens, I'm there! Cheers Doc
  18. A silent auction will be held on Saturday May 14 at the Blantchford Hanger in Fort Edmonton Park. This event is sponsored by the four fishing clubs that make up the Fishery Enhancement Society of Alberta (FESA): The Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers, Trout Unlimited (Edmonton chapter), Edmonton Trout Club and the Edmonton Old-timers Fishing Club. FESA is now looking for a second Muir style lake on the east side of Edmonton and are collectively soliciting your support. Date: Saturday May 14, 2005. Time: 7:00pm Cost: $10.00 per ticket. Venue: Silent Auction, late lunch and dance featuring live band. Place: Blantchford Hanger in Fort Edmonton Park. For tickets please phone Brian Bleackley at (780) 718-1428.
  19. Doc

    Flies 'N' Beer

    The Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers and Santannas Nite Club (17930-Stony Plain Rd) is hosting Flies 'N' Beer on the second Monday of every month. All are welcome (18yrs & older). Bring you equipment, a lamp and an extension cord. See you there! Cheers Doc
  20. Both aerators are now off the lake. Most of the warning signs are in but still a few we couldn't remove due to ice. A lot of open water right now, it was like looking at a slot machine with a 1000 free spins But I resisted (Doc now waiting for a pat on the back ). Cheers Doc
  21. Hey thanks RB I'll find someplace for it. You were to with us Scratch The proof is in the pud... er... pic Cheers Doc
  22. Doc

    Info on membership

    Oooohhhhhh! Low blow buddy lol For those that have already drawn a conclusion, might I add that it was Ranger Bob and Scratch that were ice fishing ::ice fish:: with worms. I merely showed them (from my younger worm days) how to inflate a worm with an air syringe. Cheers Doc
  23. Guys I have written several letters already (quite a while ago) and I was pretty much the only one to bring this up with the the new Minister at the Edm Trout Club meeting some time back. Please make sure you also include how upset you are the our provincial governemnt is spreading racism and dividing the people of this province as this seams to be to real sore spot. Cheers
  24. If you need any help at the booth Thursday or Friday during the day let me know. Cheers Doc
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