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  1. I have to assume that flycaster is Don so I'll direct this post at him. Don I don't believe anglers are down, just purchased licenses. Baby boomer's are turning into seniors faster then Mike Tyson can choke down an earlobe. IMO, they're still out there fishing just not paying for it. The system should have all anglers require a license no matter of the age (or lets say 5 yrs and up) with seniors (65+) and children under 16 getting their license for free. And yes, kids under 16 should be on their parents limits. At least then we can get an accurate count how many anglers we have in this province. We've had reactive fisheries management for so long in this province and we all know if any province needs a pro-active management, it's Alberta. But even if we had pro-active management, how can they manage our fisheries if they don't even know how many anglers there are? This to me is Mickey Mouse stuff but if we can't even get something so obvious into the minds of our "leaders" how can we convince them that we need them to spend revenue on trout that will mostly parish before being harvested when their mentality (much thanks to AFGA) is "stocked trout are for harvesting". What we need is a plan. Any ideas? Cheers Doc
  2. Trailhead, here's some tubing info to help you out... http://mikemonteith.tripod.com/flyfishingedmonton/id12.html Cheers, Doc
  3. The answer to your problem is not changing size limits or daily catch limits for stocked trout but rather changing the the management for a select number of stocked lakes. Beaver, Muir, Bullshead, Ironside and now hopefully Police Outpost are special regulation lakes. These are the lakes you want to fish. You are after a quality fishery with larger then average size fish for a stocked trout lake. We need more of these throughout the province for guys like you and me. But we must leave the Hasse lakes out there for the weekend shore fishermen as that is what he wants (although if he had the choice he would prob choose Walleye over trout). They get to take five trout per day, hell I say raise it to 8 (but only if we have enough special regulation fisheries for those of us after quality and not quantity). As far a size limits, you can't eat anything over 14 inches in most of Alberta's stocked trout lakes as they taste like the lake bottom and the smaller the fish, the better they taste. Now think about it for a minute, would you rather have all of our stocked lakes with regs like "3 trout per day, minimum 13 inches" or keep the current regs but make 1/3 of Alberta's stocked trout lakes with regs like "one fish per day over 20 inches / No Bait"? Cheers, Doc
  4. Funny thing is. the lake to the west if muir that used to join up with it is higher then I've seen since we started working on Muir. Hmmmmmm.....??????
  5. My buddy Brent picked up a 2pc 7weight TF TiCR for $125.00 (50% off). I checked them out and there was only one left last night. Other weights are 40% off. they discontinued the 2pc I guess and only make 4pc now. Cheers, Doc
  6. Hey RB, just noticed it's your birthday today. Hope you have a great one.
  7. Saturday November 18, 2006 at Bo Diddley's Roadhouse (11650 142 Street) starting at 6:00 pm. $10 gets you a steak sandwich and salad served whenever you order it. Come and bid on silent auction items and support the on-going costs for Muir Lake. Tickets are available from Michael Dell, 496-8347 w or 488-1966 h.
  8. Congrats Scratch... you're little swimmers done good! All my best to the wife as well Cheer Doc
  9. Hey guys thanks for the happy birthdays! Just getting back around to checking up on all the boards. I'm no longer at the fishin' hole by the way. Although I enjoyed the fly fishing aspect of the the business, retail just isn't my thing. I'm now working for Serve-All Mechanical on a project out at the Devon hospital and enjoying it. Hope to see some of you guys out fishing the local lakes this summer, Muir's been fishing very well so far. Cheers Doc
  10. Licenses went on sale March 16. The new licenses are valid from March 16, 2006 'til March 31, 2007. Cheers, Doc
  11. Muir Opens In 61 Days! Cheers Doc
  12. It sounds like you guys are rubbing in the fact that I couldn't make it I always miss the really good ones Cheers Doc
  13. Sorry Michael, I'm gonna miss another one. For good reason though, I'm hashing out the sale of my shares in the club at 7pm. I'm still kicking myself for missing out on the Don Anderson presentation. Cheers Doc
  14. 64 more days 'til Muir opens for the 2006 fishing season. Last year my biggest trout was 19 inches caught off the dock with a floating docman in October after a day on the water (I just couldn't get enough that day). This year we'll finally see some brutes breaking the 20 inch mark. Here's to a great year at a great lake cheers Doc
  15. Yah I thought they were gonna toss a brick on the table and tell us to chip of a chunk of that. Then I saw feathers (being a chironomid guy I know I was dead in the water). But hell, I had fun, even with someone continually pulling the string on Barry (the sarcastic talking Santa) White's back as he sat right beside me. Actually Barry gave me some great ideas, which I did NOT use. He told me it would only be cheating if I got him to tie it for me but I kept to my original ideas (for all the good it did me). Congrats to Alex Our new champion. Cheers Doc
  16. Thanks for the kind words RB, and thanks to everyone that sat through the presentation without heckling. As for those that heckled me throughout (not to mention anyones name... SCRATCH!), I'll deal with those people in my own way & in my own time. (Doc laughs a long evil laugh) whoooaahahahahah Yah ok, I got nothin Cheers Doc
  17. The X-mas Chronie (chironomid) and the Redd October (bloodworm). Both very effective attractor patterns and very easy to tie. How would you say... pre-beginner pattern? just kidding :lol: Anyway, my first presentation, hope to see you folks come out for it. Cheers Doc
  18. Hope you have a great one RB Wings and cake tonight? Cheers Doc
  19. Hmmm..... Isn't that interesting. I guess I'll see a few guys on the water Monday? Think I'll hit Star for the day. Cheers Doc
  20. Don, do you have numbers on what percentage is taken out due to predation? With predation and the low amount of poaching that goes on as well as the percentage of stocked trout that just plain don't make it will give you what the true numbers are for Muir. Cheers Doc
  21. Just my luck, noon - five. I'm heading out in the morning to Muir at 6am and was hoping for a boatman fall. I guess it's the Redd October and X-mas Chronie for me again. Then again the Water Docman on a sinking line should get some interest. Either way it'll just be nice to get on the water. Cheers Doc
  22. I guess it's been a while since we fished together Lance. I've had the 'toon since the end of October 2004. Maybe we should get together and do some fishing eh? The backswimmer fall should be any day now. Would still like to do a mini conclave at Millers for Browns. Cheers Doc
  23. Thanks for taking the pic Paul. I barley got any pics on my web site from this year so this will help. It's not very often I get to fish with buddies. Glad you and George could make it out, it's a lot more fun with someone to talk to and share the experience. Just wish I could have stayed longer. Cheers Doc
  24. Doc

    Spring Lake

    Bob, did you catch any trout with some size to them? I haven't fished there for a while now (ever since the Perch strated taking over). Cheers Doc
  25. Fishing was decent this morning at Star. Got on the water at 9:00am and caught fish on size 14 chironomids and size 10 bloodworms. Caught severl on a new pattern that I haven't named yet (thinking about the name 'Canadian Snow Bird') including one really nice trout that taped in at 20" and was really thick . Paul took a pic so hopefully he'll post it here. Got off the water at 12:15pm. How'd you make out after I left Paul? Cheers Doc
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