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  1. I am wondering if over this last week our lakes have been turning over. Symptoms: murky water when the algae had not had a chance to bloom and iffy fish-catching. I was at Cardiff on May 7th and Muir on May 13th. Muir looked pretty awful, with brown muck floating about. Anyone else had similar experiences other places? I am tempted to stay put for a week (is that enough?) until the water settles.

    Not sure about the other lakes as the waters still pretty cool with ice just coming off recently but Muir is definitely starting to turn. The water has been open for quite a while, is rather shallow and with the 25c temps lately and the strong winds mixing it, you can see decaying matter making it's way to the surface. I don't believe Muir takes as long to turn as most lakes because of it's shallow depth, maybe give it another 4 or 5 days.

  2. Hey All,


    I just wanted to give Everyone a heads-up on Poachers at Muir Lake.


    Last night as I was getting ready to launch my pontoon boat at Muir Lake, I noticed about a dozen adults and children getting ready to go fishing. They then fanned out along the shoreline in front and beside the boat launch. I noticed that they all had bobbers with what appeared to be a pickeral rig set up with two levels of hooks. I did not however see what they were using. When I took my pontoon boat and launched it, I asked the two boys next to me what they were using for BAIT... and they said WORMS !! Well, I went OFF (just like the CHAMP) I then approached the adults (from a distance) and asked them what they were using and one of the adults displayed a jar of POWERBAIT. I then in a rather stern manner expressed my opinion as to what I thought of their fishing techniques and explained to them what the REGULATIONS are for this lake. I also advised them that they should also read the numerous signs throughout the park spelling out that there is a BAIT BAN here. To their credit and my appreciation, they did then go and read the Bait Ban Poster and the big sign explaining the Rules and Regulations. While I was there they also changed their set up with some sort of spinners under the bobbers. I tried to explain that they could also use flies under their bobbers, but, at that point they must have been quite mad at me...as they totally ignored me from that point, until I launched and went fishing !!


    I loitered around the boat launch area for awhile as I knew they would probably change back to their poaching ways...but I didn't wish to wreck my night any further, so I went fishing.


    Long Story Short...I decided to call Report a Poacher, and I am very happy to report this was my first time calling in and I was totally impressed with the response I received. Although I can't totally understand why the Officer who called me back was from Whitecourt, and although he was 1 1/2 hours away... he was really seriously considering coming to investigate. It's just too bad our Gov't doesn't have the funding and we can't have more Co's out in the field. I thought that maybe the local Peace Officers would come, but I was told that they don't have the authority ( only the CO's and RCMP).


    So, I guess it's up to the users to KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for a family or group of Phillipino people. There were two van type vehicles. One of the vehicles is dark blue (Nissan Multi ??) Alberta License plate # BCT 5909.


    Brian Wiebe

    Thanks for posting Brian, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for them and will be calling RAP if I see them using bait.

  3. I got quite a few sink lines and to be honest, I use my floating line 95% of the time as weighted flies and long leaders will get me to the depth I need. When I do fish a sink line it's usually a clear intermediate as the most productive waters are normally quite shallow. When I do reach for a faster sinking line, I prefer the traditional sink line that forms a belly in it to fish floating patterns off the bottom or to get the "U" shape movement of the boatman. Just my two cents but for a first line I'd go with a clear intermediate sink.




  4. The town council of Wabamun is requesting approval from the Alberta government to develop the lands south of the CN railway track in the town of Wabamun. This area is an important wetlands for Wabamun lake. It serves as an important bird nesting area and a major fish spawning area.


    The vegetation in this area also serves to maintain the lake's water quality. In addition, the area is not suitable for development as there is no strong foundation to build on. The marshy area would require excessive gravel fill to create a suitable building area. This alteration to the lake's natural shoreline would further disrupt the lake.


    Plans for the development can be seen here. http://www.wabamun.ca/life/documents/Web_Package.pdf


    To sign the petition against this development, go to this link.





  5. And people ask me "why do you love stillwaters?" Thanks for answering that Dennis. Great read, felt like I was there with you. Of course if I were there, you wouldn't have gotten any help. I'd have been to busy laughing my A$$ off.


    Cheers :cheers:


  6. Hope to see you all at the TU meeting tonight (Monday Dec 15). 7:30pm at the Central Lions Senior Recreation Center 11113 113 ST.


    Phil will be presenting four fly patterns. Two patterns for Pike/Walleye (the 1/2 & 1/2 and the popsicle leech) and two patterns for trout (the balance leech and the foam dragon). Watching him present the balance leech alone is worth coming out for. Phil will also be presenting on how to put together kit bags (everything you should have with you) for Pike/Walleye and for trout.




  7. Very sorry for the loss to you, Will and your entire family. I never actually knew your dad but I sure knew of him. I spent many days in his old fly shop and more than a few hours at the vise tying up some of his patterns. Your dad and your family will be in our prayers.



  8. We're kicking off our TU meetings here in Edmonton with stillwater expert Phil Rowley. Phil will be presenting four fly patterns. Two patterns for Pike/Walleye (the 1/2 & 1/2 and the popsicle leech) and two patterns for trout (the balance leech and the foam dragon). Watching him present the balance leech alone is worth coming out for. Phil will also be presenting on how to put together kit bags (everything you should have with you) for Pike/Walleye and for trout.


    The meeting is at the newly renovated Central Lions Senior Recreation Center 11113 113 ST.


    Meeting takes place at 7:30pm on Monday November 17 and the third Monday of every month to follow.


    You don't need to have a TU membership to come out but if you find the information and comradeship with fellow anglers that share your interests to have value then by all means purchase a membership. There are timbits and coffee available but we ask for a donation of $2.00 to cover the costs.



    • Regular: $30.00

    • Youth/Student: $15.00

    • Family: $50.00

    • Corporate: $100.00

    • Lifetime: $1000.00


    Hope to see you there.




  9. So I ended up working yesterday and got home late. I decided to get dressed quick and head over to Bo-Diddley's but had to cancel before I gotr the chance due to family things that came up. Anywho, how was the turnout? Hope it was a success and everyone had a good time. Wish i could have been there :angry:




  10. Hey Adam. Although I don't get out to very many meetings, the folks at NLFT&F's are simply awesome. Not overly clicky, very helpful and friendly. I think you'll really enjoy your time at the club. Hope to see you there sometime.




  11. Welcome to the site:



    On an unrelated question your Name looks familiar, Have you ever played Unreal Tournament?


    DT, never thought of you as a Unreal guy. I used to play all the time but haven't in the last three years. I was pretty good too, loved playing c.t.f.




  12. @Doc....you should never assume...LOL I think Don is still out at Whiteswan.


    Yes I just made an bum out of u and me. So who is it that I'm corresponding with then? You're quite knowledgable about our resourses and writing style is similar to that of Don's.


    though I don't disagree with you that seniors/littluns' should be required to be licensed...I do think everyone is making more out of the importance of this user segment than we need to.


    The first question to be asked, should be: How many anglers do we have in Alberta? The only way to get this answer is to have all anglers hold a valid anglers license. No need to guess anymore, the information would be right there. Seriously, how can our province manage our fisheries (even with reactive management) if we don't even know how many anglers we have?


    Yes, if you look at the demographics...you are correct the average age of a LICENSED angler is increasing.

    But the fact remains....we have added 1 million people to this province since 1985...and in that same time frame we have lost 130,000 yearly licensees.


    Surely you don't expect me to believe that ALL those 1 million that came here now fall into the seniors/children category....if anything seniors typically LEAVE our province to head to the "wet" coast.

    Actually, I will try and find current demographics, but I suspect the average age in the province did not go up.


    Ok, I may have exaggerated a bit on that statement. But I exaggerated to make the point that we just don't know. And I agree with you, many of our older anglers do make their way to BC but many stay right here. When I owned the night club, most of my fishing took place early mornings during the week days. In my estimate 80% of the folks I saw fishing from shore while I packed up, were seniors. Depending on where I fished there could be as few as one or two anglers or as many as 15 on any given day.



    My point is ; we need to focus on the bigger picture...

    For example...you can have a total user count....but if you read my previous post...that information (although important) in isolation, tells you NOTHING!


    Other then the most important tool of 'how many anglers we have', you're dead on there.

    Getting user info is simple and relatively inexpensive...


    Then why hasn't the Gov't taken this obvious 1st step in managing our fisheries?


    getting the government to throw dollars into scientifically analyzing the health and capabilities of each specific fishery in order to make any sort of realistic "management" decision will be the hardest part...especially in light of a declining user base.


    Asking for this type of management before we can get the mickey mouse stuff covered is like getting a child to run before it can crawl.




    Regarding the plan...I have two thoughts.

    1) Keep slugging away on all fronts

    2) But focus on the bigger picture...don't put all your energies into whether there should be things like 2 fish limit here and not there, whether seniors/children should pay for a license, or whether licenses should cost $3 more per year...etc,etc.

    I dare say there are much more critical issues affecting the viability of our fisheries resource in many areas other than recreational user impact. The deforestation of our east slopes, continual resource development and environmental factors (amongst many others) all have a larger impact on the quality of some fisheries than quibbling over the walleye tag costs...


    The 'keep slugging away' is a slow process but you're right, what else can we do?

    I don't know that focusing on the bigger picture at this time is going to make much sense at this time. We need to get the province to be in the mindset that we need management change to pro-active and to start with the basics first. IMO, We need to all get on board with the mickey mouse stuff and get it out of the way. When that's taken care of, we push the harder issues and focus on the bigger picture.





    One final thought on "management" and focus of energies;

    What I see happening is that we are treating the symptoms...NOT the cause. Symptoms are readily visible and relatively easy to treat...BUT, the problem NEVER goes away.

    It's like finding out you have to fill your gas tank up a lot more often lately...it just keeps emptying faster than normal. Treating the symptom is easy...just keep adding gas....BUT the root problem remains. Treating the cause is more difficult and in the short term more costly...you analyze the problem to find out you have a leak in your gas tank...then you need to repair the tank. The problem goes away.


    You need to look deeper folks...that's not to say give up on the little things...but, Hell, don't forget about the bigger issues.


    Agreed, but the bigger issues are being directed to a brick wall. Let's build a doorway first so we can present the bigger issues.


    Maybe us trout guys need to make a bigger presence at the AFGA through membership and change the direction our fisheries are being presented to the higher powers. Just a thought (if you can't beat them, join them).



    Great discussion....


    No oposition there :thumbup:

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