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  1. Hey! I resemble that remark Thanks for the birthday wishes. Cheers, Doc
  2. Kristi

    Happy Birthday to ya Doc!! Hoping it's the best it can be. Spent with loved ones creating wonderful memories to cherish for years to come!

  3. Not sure about the other lakes as the waters still pretty cool with ice just coming off recently but Muir is definitely starting to turn. The water has been open for quite a while, is rather shallow and with the 25c temps lately and the strong winds mixing it, you can see decaying matter making it's way to the surface. I don't believe Muir takes as long to turn as most lakes because of it's shallow depth, maybe give it another 4 or 5 days.
  4. The Blackstone near Nordeg is fishing extremely well. Check out my last blog post here. Doc's Ol' Blog House
  5. Still there, just doing some maintenance. Alberta Fly Fishing Forum Cheers, Doc
  6. Thanks for posting Brian, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for them and will be calling RAP if I see them using bait.
  7. I got quite a few sink lines and to be honest, I use my floating line 95% of the time as weighted flies and long leaders will get me to the depth I need. When I do fish a sink line it's usually a clear intermediate as the most productive waters are normally quite shallow. When I do reach for a faster sinking line, I prefer the traditional sink line that forms a belly in it to fish floating patterns off the bottom or to get the "U" shape movement of the boatman. Just my two cents but for a first line I'd go with a clear intermediate sink. Cheers, Doc
  8. The town council of Wabamun is requesting approval from the Alberta government to develop the lands south of the CN railway track in the town of Wabamun. This area is an important wetlands for Wabamun lake. It serves as an important bird nesting area and a major fish spawning area. The vegetation in this area also serves to maintain the lake's water quality. In addition, the area is not suitable for development as there is no strong foundation to build on. The marshy area would require excessive gravel fill to create a suitable building area. This alteration to the lake's natural shoreline would further disrupt the lake. Plans for the development can be seen here. http://www.wabamun.ca/life/documents/Web_Package.pdf To sign the petition against this development, go to this link. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/protec...of-wabamun.html Cheers, Doc
  9. And people ask me "why do you love stillwaters?" Thanks for answering that Dennis. Great read, felt like I was there with you. Of course if I were there, you wouldn't have gotten any help. I'd have been to busy laughing my A$$ off. Cheers Doc
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Not much of a malt guy but I did enjoy a nice streak BBQ with 1/2 a pound of King Crab (my favorite) Cheers
  11. Hope to see you all at the TU meeting tonight (Monday Dec 15). 7:30pm at the Central Lions Senior Recreation Center 11113 113 ST. Phil will be presenting four fly patterns. Two patterns for Pike/Walleye (the 1/2 & 1/2 and the popsicle leech) and two patterns for trout (the balance leech and the foam dragon). Watching him present the balance leech alone is worth coming out for. Phil will also be presenting on how to put together kit bags (everything you should have with you) for Pike/Walleye and for trout. Cheers, Doc
  12. Hope is was a gooder Darren Cheers, Doc
  13. Very sorry for the loss to you, Will and your entire family. I never actually knew your dad but I sure knew of him. I spent many days in his old fly shop and more than a few hours at the vise tying up some of his patterns. Your dad and your family will be in our prayers. Doc
  14. Hope you have a good one RB. Happy Birthday Cheers, Doc
  15. Al, you didn't miss anything. The meeting was canceled due to flooding in our room. Phil has been rescheduled for December 15. So how's Saskabush treating you? Cheers, Doc
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